Can Daisy Cloak?


I was watching a video in which I thought I saw Daisy cloak and then try to revive Bucket. the only reason why Daisy didn’t get the revive was because the monster had very low health and Bucket managed to finish him off while downed. But anyway, I thought I saw Daisy cloak, and if I saw right, this seems a little OP and I think that the ability for Daisy to cloak should be removed.


If I’m correct I think I rememberit was Bucket that used his cloaking ability for his team right before he went down. So nope not OP just great timing for support Lol :slight_smile:


I see what video you’re talking about.
I don’t remember Daisy was cloaked actually… Are you sure ?


Daisy was cloaked for a short while, but it was due to the area cloak that supports have.


Having Daisy not being able to cloak wouldn’t make much sense! So I don’t think it’s OP at all, besides there is one way to counter a cloaked team:

Spray and pray! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Daisy isn’t able to cloak but if Support is cloaked, Daisy will also be cloaked. In the video, most likely Bucket was downed but still cloaked


Thanks for clearing this up for me