Can Daisy attack the monster?


I have reseached stuff abut Daisy being able to attack hostile animals and plants, but now can someone confirm Daisy can attack the monster as well. if she can attack other animals.

By the way that would be epic if she could. Charging in the fight instead of looking cute until one of us goes down.


Yes, she can also remove strikes on a full moon.


She only attacks plants that Mags is trapped in, nothing else


TotallyTroy, an AI engineer already respond to this and it is pretty clear.
(In the other post, she kill a reaver but it’s just a coincidence cause he is near the plant she’s attacking)

Would be really epic but sadly is not :frowning:


If the monster is near the plant…


If the monster is near the plant who is trying to eat Maggie, Daisy won’t come close to it cause, you know, monster is dangerous and Daisy don’t approach things that are dangerous.