Can BoB get a speed buff?

Whenever I go him against silver hunters my god even with MS perk he’s still so slow especially when wildlife always stop you!

I’d like to see his traversal recharge rate increased so he can get on his role a bit quicker.

He did get a speed buff. He has the same speed as the other monsters now if i remember correctly


I’m not sure but I think he already got his default/sneaking speed increased

He still feels slow and the recharge rate is slow too

He’s the same speed as all the other monsters. It’s just how big he is It feels like he is slow. And traversal is slow because you need to go for a while without stopping to build a speed.


He walks the same speed as other monsters (he might actually sneak faster due to a programming error when increasing his walk speed), but his traversal is much slower than other monsters traversals due to how buggy/clunky it is, it’s fast if you’re just going straight down a cleared path, but if you have to go around objects or wildlife or have to climb a lot or have to make a lot of turns it’s nowhere near as useful/fast as other monsters traversals

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That’s the point.

No thanks! He is plenty fast!


I think that for Bob to be viable in high level play he needs a major speed buff to his roll. I noticed that it’s is the only traversal ability that is super easy to track which sucks.

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I guess you haven’t noticed the energy circles that Kraken leaves while in the air?

Except there are very few maps that actually allow you to do it, often only in one direction, and it makes your movement extremely predictable, it needs to be better at traversing areas that aren’t straight shots for him to be fast enough to be viable against good hunter teams

That’s how bob works…open flat terrain is his game.

That’s what I’m saying, I get that that’s how he’s meant to be, but it’s also the reason he isn’t viable against good premade hunter teams

shrugs, people make big slow powerful characters work. So, that someone just has to turn up.

The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence

But its still an absence of evidence

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I’m still giving it time.

OR caves if you want to commence the anal penetration.

Behemoth just got his speed buff and is fine now. His roll is actually one of the fastest traversals in the game. Faster than kraken and wraith, that’s for sure, if you use it correctly.

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For once I actually agree with you on the subject of Bob. :stuck_out_tongue: No speed buffs to him please.

I’m actually finding bob is only a real threat in caves if he has RW.

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