Can Behemoth out damage Caira w/o abilities?


I just got out of a game where I had Markov in a corner as Behemoth and I just kept hitting him. There was no rolling, no special abilities, he was either stuck or eventually just not trying to get out. Occasionally he would jetpack up a bit and I may have missed a few swings then, but for the most part it was just Behemoth, Markov, and Caria lobbing a stream healing nades from somewhere on the edge of smell range (way to far to go chase down).

I could not kill him.

By the second time he popped his shield it just became laughable. After the 3rd neither one of us were really even attempting to dodge. We just sat there hitting each other. The trapper (Crow) threw a dome in the middle of it for giggles or something and Bucket eventually set up sentry guns around me, but that was about it. Shortly later I finished melting and still never was able to down that guy.

Yes I know I could have used special abilities, or maybe attempted to go chase down a person that didn’t have a shield (fat luck with that as Behemoth). Maybe I got bugged out and wasn’t landing damage properly. Either way the whole thing was absurd and a bit surreal so I decided to share.

Caira: Capacity or Reload

She can outheal a stage 1 Goliath even when using abilities, yes.As far as Behemoth, I have not tested, but he only got two damaging skills, so I’d guess yes. It’s pretty unfair if the trapper is alone when he domes you and then Caira come just in time and undo all your damage.


Behemoth needs to combo to deal effective damage.

I don’t think you can out damage Caira straight up healing someone, especially when that someone can pop a shield.

At least that was my experience when I was fighting a Caira hank combo.


Huh, well I learned something new today. Do you know if it’s supposed to be that way?


Well behemoth’s main damage dealers are his base attacks though


Had this same issue while pouncing Crow. A caira decided to farm healing grenade while the whole team gathered around to watch.


I can confirm it’s the same for Behemoth, even when using Lava Bomb ability (1 point into Lava, not sure about 2 or 3 - perhaps it breaks then).


With Class CDR very easily. With Reload speed maybe. With nothing no.


Yeah, I saw you’re post shortly after I made this one. I guess it wasn’t a glitch or bug, but this still strikes me as something that I wouldn’t expect to be true, doubly so on the pounce damage.

It seems like this would promote (and what seemed to happened in my game) was a smaller scale version of the nest keep away strategy. One hunter engages the monster at a time and kites as hard as they can, if each team mate can kite or hide for 30 seconds then the hunters become drop ship invincible, they can then slowly chip away at the remaining eggs health.

This strategy really never worked vs the other monsters in Hunt because the other monsters could get away and armor up until stage 3 where the Monster starts chipping away at the relays health… However at level 40 having a Behemoth get away from the hunters is more of a mistake on the hunters part than any skill on the monsters.

Yay for the new meta. :frowning:


I’m thinking the one I was fighting had increased clip size (could be wrong on that one)


Constant heals, but less HpS. Probably could of broke through Caira if you focused her instead of Markov.


I don’t think it’s a glitch or bug. I think it’s the new thing… The latest min/max is Caira with six grenades (capacity increase). I know that’s how she did it with mine.


I don’t think any of the monsters at any stage can out pace Caira with just melee attacks, especially against an assault. If there is a monster that can do it it’s behemoth but I don’t know for sure.


A 3 point lava bomb I don’t think can be stood in and healed through. Every behemoth vs Caira match I’ve been a part of where the behemoth decided to use more than melee attacks went really badly for Caira. His lava bomb and fissure do not f*** around.


I wonder if a stage 1 build that would work could involve launching a level 3 lava bomb and then pouncing the Assault in it. I mostly go some combination of rock wall / fissure, but maybe I should be taking 3 into lava and being more aggressive about it.


I’ve found the most effective stage 1 build is 3 in fissure or some combination of fissure and lava bomb. In the right terrain it can kill a hunter team at stage 1. Stage 2 is usually when I start using lava bomb. Lava bomb has a lot of wind up and 1 point in it doesn’t seem to do a lot but 3 is molten murder and makes the windup worth it. Fissure has such a huge range and is actually kinda hard to dodge and does huge damage. It’s pretty easy to overwhelm a healer with it.