Can Beh can still spam rollx?


idk bout pc but I just ran into three behs who just rollx me and I was wondering did anyone else notice it too


The issue before was that you could chain attacks without him finishing some of the animations, now he has to. His potential to chain attacks is still there and deadly - that’s one of his strengths since he sucks at long distance fighting. He’s worse than the wraith to go toe-to-toe with in melee range in my opinion - if the behemoth player has the attack timings down.

For a hunter, always be on a rock or cliff.


Doesn’t always work. I lava bomb high spots.


Lava bomb can’t be adjusted once initiated and is very avoidable unless the team is wasting jet-pack fuel. While it does lock down a location and keep a hunter from going back to it, there are still other places to go to keep out of melee range unless the team wandered into a cave with you - then they deserve punishment >:D Or its the unfortunate mine level D: