Can be dropped in game as monster I don't have unlocked


I just got dropped into a game as the Kraken which I don’t have unlocked. First time playing him and I rocked it but got no credit for the damage/skills I did/used as I don’t have him unlocked. Kind of sucked :frowning: But was fun to play!!! :slight_smile: Awesome game so far TRS and 2K!


Yeap you will be able to fill “bot” roles if someone leave.That means you have a chance of playing characters you haven’t unlocked and even DLC characters you haven’t even bought :slight_smile:


Yeah but there’s two problems with this:

  1. I was dropped in a game as a Kraken, I didn’t just take over the role which means a check failed somewhere or this is not clearly communicated to the player

  2. I didn’t get exp for it because it wasn’t unlocked :frowning:


Yeah i’m not sure if there is anything to be done about the exp.


thanks for the feedback, it’s an interesting side effect