Can anything be done with the animation exploits on Bob before TU9 comes?


I am just so bloody sick of dealing with this bs on a daily basis, a lot of players have been doing it and it is extreamly frustrating because he can just hit you with three abilities and a few rolls and heavies thrown into the mix in the same amount of time you normally have with throwing even two abilities. :sob:

I get that people say he’s UP and all but seeing something like this becoming a common thing is very discouraging for me because no matter how well we try to cover each other, all it takes is one fail climb, one body block or one pebble and it is all over with these types of players.


What animation exploit is this? He has the longest attack wind ups of any monster. The closest thing he has ever had for animation canceling was the original roll to heavy spam.


Oh my were you left in the dark lol

I can pull all 4 abilities and make it about 2-3 seconds.
It’s silly.


I regularly play Behemoth, and I sure as hell haven’t seen any animation exploits or lacking animations. Or am I not doing it right?


Definitely not doing it right.


Well I could see tounge into wall and then fissure. But no way to add in lava bomb in 2-3 seconds unless there has been a seriously broken micro patch.


If you use rockwall and immediately follow up with any ability it will basically cut its animation in half.


But you can’t keep casting rock wall forever. There’s only so many things you can do shortly after using one ability.


I’ll try to make a video, then you will understand.


Yeah useing Rockwall to preclude any combo is pretty much redundant.



I just assumed he meant rolling against someone, doing a heavy hit and immediately following up with a pounce; but that clearly shows all the animations, though the pacing is quite fast.


Lol yes, I agree, but then you can tongue grab rockwall, and break lavabombing and fissure.


Yeah I will need a video showing it. I very rarely use Rockwall except as a last resort at stage three. Even then when I’ve used it never noticed a animation canceling effect.


I’m making a real quick video against bots.


So far, what I have observed is that animation cancellation with Behemoth can only happen online. Not solo lol


Please don’t post any exploits to the forum. Share in pm if you must but also shoot it to MrStrategio and insane_521 just in case.


I found another form of the glitch where you would mash b on them shh let this be our secret and if you tell anyone I will come over there and post a gif on all your posts


Sure its not lag?


@Torvald_Stavig I’ve been testing a few things solo, and it seems that not all of the animations can be canceled in them. I still haven’t figured out how to do the roll thing.


Yes, I can’t get the cancellations to work in solo, it must be a latency thing. But it definitely still happens.