Can anything be done to stop ragequitting?


I find myself going easy on Hunter teams half the time just so they don’t ragequit on me and force me to play a different match…
I got to Stage 2 before they broke the first egg because I found a Dune Beetle that recently killed several Mammoth Birds…

So they quit and me and the other dude were relocated to another match.
This was on day 4, I’d won every match up to then.

It’s really annoying how there’s no realistic penalty to quitting like that, especially in Evac it’s just so stupid.
You can lose every match up until the 5th and then totally dominate, happens to me all the time when I have a crap team 'cause I’m good at Defend.

A lot of Monster players don’t seem to have a clue how to play Defend at all so it’s usually an easy win.

Don’t even talk about picking Wraith as soon as you win they all leave “WRAITH IS OP, MOM I’M WRITING A LETTER OF COMPLAINT MOM GET MY MILK”

Anyway I think you should lose exp, even levels for ragequitting as well as the progress you gained towards mastery in the previous match. I don’t care how extreme people think that is it’s not a problem for people who don’t pussy out all the time just because they might lose.

I was even giving this team advice, the medic kept picking Lazarus so I suggested Slim because he’s not fucking useless and the spore thing is amazingly effective.


Losing levels would be a blessing… I hate levels. The higher it goes, the more over-dedicated “pros” (L40’s) I see that have way too much Evolve time on their hands.

Wish I could knock myself down another 10 levels and play with the kiddies again, lol.

That being said: XP is a terrible thing. It gives me almost nothing (except improved perks), and causes me to play against better and better enemies. There needs to be something other than this to improve people staying.

That being said: I see a ton of people leaving matches all the time, not just on Evac either. I played a match as a kraken where I won by a nosehair… and they all left after the game.


Yeah its frustrating. I really enjoy playing defend as the monster, and against pubs I can sweep all 5 games of evac. But I’ve found I need to at least give up a win on day 2 or 3 to keep the group from all quitting on me.


Yeah it’s stupid isn’t it…

I got to level 40 in like…maybe 50 matches? I dunno, it didn’t take long anyway all you have to do is play Evac and you rocket up to the top.

Given how shit some pro level 40 players are the number is meaningless, 100 should be the top so only good people attain anything close. That or it should just take wayyyyyy longer to level up than an Evac or two per level.

Or maybe there could be some kind of challenge system where you level up by completing challenges not just exp.
Basic challenges like use the fucking dome in Defend Trapper.

At the very least things like that would educate some of these people on how to play properly, maybe they’d actually win sometimes.

I think it’s worse as a Hunter though.
Day 5 and your Assault and Medic leave…so it’s you, perhaps a half decent other player and the AI vs the Monster who’s totally wrecked you every match.
And then 2 more players join in, who could be incredible but they didn’t get to pick their character or perk so are probably going to be useless. If the AI hasn’t gotten itself killed already.


Yeah, seriously.

I hate working with monster AI. I’m either getting completely destroyed, or it’s sipping tea waiting for the round to end.

And hunter AI… I feel like Val is pants on head idiotic… Especially with a bucket player. Excuse me Miss, I don’t need you babysitting me… go help the assault and trapper. I can UAV from here just fine without you.

Personally, I want to see:

  1. If you enter into a match with a character you did not pick/create, you get bonus advancement in an achievement of your choice (not bonus XP, but achievement. At least I get something COOL for finishing those).
  2. Stick it out bonuses: The game needs more skins. Not just for special events, but for good behavior. I think it would be really cool if they added a skin bonus system where you could unlock clothing for your character based on your in-game behavior. Are you cool? Have a hawaiin shirt for Griffin.
  3. If you get auto-matched will a person who is known for leaving matches, alert the current players and allow them to DENY his admission to the game! What!!! Give players a choice of if they don’t want to play with a toxic player? I know, strange concept… right?
  4. I’d like to be able to give people +1 for good behavior
  5. I’d like to report players for bad behavior. I don’t mean bad like “He was a crappy trapper” but obscenity, rudeness, abuse, etc.

With some of these changes, you could provide incentives and bonuses beyond “level advancement” for good behavior. And if that’s not enough, at least you could provide a system that acknowledges bad behavior, and can provide a negative impact for toxic behavior. Because right now, the “take 60 seconds before joining the que”… that’s enough time to grab a drink, or bio break… not gonna harm anyone, it’s laughable.


Skill based matchmaking with a good ranked system would really help with consistency of teammates.

By the nature of things a good Hunter can look terrible on a bad team, and a bad Hunter can ruin a good team.

I hate all Hunter AIs on my team, but I can’t stand Trapper AI.

Look forward to missing half the game’s possible domes if you let the AI fill Trapper.


Yeah something like Modern Warfare’s accolade system would be cool I think.

“Ha I’m level 40 I’m so boss”

Dude you haven’t even got 10 “deal 500 damage to the Monster” accolades you’re obviously terrible…nor have you got 10 “heal Hunters for 500 health” accolades wtf do you do every match?
Oh I see you have 100 Evac win accolades by clearly letting the other players do all the work, and soaking up that exp.

Maybe there could be a separate number to level that says how many accolades you have so if there’s 200 in total a player with 4 obviously isn’t very good but a player with 173 must be at least functional. Plus you could see what role they’re not very functional as.

That’s…kind of off the point though huh lol.

Although yeah an accolade system could determine skill while level merely determines what perks someone has, they should be stripped away for ragequitting, exploit usage etc etc.
At least 10 levels at a time. Or maybe if you ragequit 3 times in one week you get 20 taken off.

The only thing is the game would have to understand if it’s a ragequit or the connection being terminated, would be annoying getting a penalty just because of crappy internet.


Problem is that there’s not enough people playing to fill a balanced team right now. 1500 people… that’s including people just afk with the game on. Skill based may not matter… It’s going to be a problem just like now where in order to fill matches, there will be disproportionately skilled/leveled players.

I think the best way to resolve this is to give the game a social scoreboard, not just a ranking structure.


Dont feel bad I won as wraith and only did 500 dmg with decoy and didnt grab it till stage 3 and people rage quit after the game :frowning: I mainly used abduction and warp blast… people just dont like getting outplayed…


That can be true, but I’d be more interested in using that boost to unlock gold skins better.

Unfortunately, I really think that losing levels is useless. With the matchmaking the way it is, I’d take a voluntary hit so I can have easier opponents.


Well in the ideal world ranking would be based on your accolades level and exp should just really account for time put in to the game I think.

A player at level 25 with 100 of every accolade is obviously superior to a level 40 with 20 of a third of the accolades.

I think that would work fine, it’s too late now of course but if they make Evolved 2 they should consider that.


honestly when it comes to level i think they should be split up between monsters and each hunter. Oh hey look he’s a level 40 medic, or shit he is only a level 5 trapper, level 30 Wraith this will be hard. That way players know who they are getting teamed up with and who their playing again.


Oooh, I see what you’re saying. Nice, so it takes into account the players achievements in volume to off-set time-based achievements to grab a better sense of your actual skill level…

That’s… interesting! But I don’t think it’ll stop ragequitting.


The quitting has been absolutely brutal lately. People quitting at all times. Before a match, as soon as it starts, halfway through, as soon as you hit a dome, or before the last hit. I’ve gotten kicked out of games, booted from the match making screen, had the game freeze, etc. all because of quitting. I want the harshest punishment possible for these people. Between loading and waiting on match making, I spent 10+ minutes between matches today at one point.


Gain no xp or other bonus for the match? might work, and i agree i hate playing monster and having everyone leave. however i think players should be able to leave lobbies without getting penalties (within a certain amount of time like the first 10 seconds or so)


I’m OK with them leaving lobbies as long as it doesn’t freeze up my game or disband my team. I understand that some people don’t want to play monster against a premade and I respect their right to have fun with this game. I just don’t want to be punished after waiting 3 or 4 minutes to find a match.


I main hunter, and I tend to stick around and let it end. Unless the monster is being a dick, and running for 20+ minutes; refusing to engage.


Stopping rage-quitting is easy.

As Hunters- Don’t vote yourself a 60 second free-win on Evac by going for Defend mode with Bucket and 1-1-1-1 method.

As Monster- Don’t pick Wraith against a PuG. Ever. Teams are fine for Wraith, randoms are not.

Every other problem is entirely in TRS’ in-tray to sort out. Minion AI needs serious looking at; on Nest it’s stupid and on Defend it’s just not there. Selections may have to no longer be concealed either so a random Hunter team is able to at least make choices depending on what Monster they are going against.


Problem is, if you introduce a penalty so heavy that it’s not worth playing monsters (or hunters) will give up, or if they are really mad waist your time even more. I mean we have 3/5 monsters who stop playing and stand still atm. It’s getting really annoying.


You can create a new Steam account, use the family/trust feature to allow your new profile to play all your other profiles games without buying evolve again.

You would start at lvl 1 again and its like a prestige kind of thing.

If you are part of the PC master race that is…