Can anyone versed with the recent balance changes explain this to me


Why does Jack have such a strong beam that can work at such extreme angles. And why does his laser do so much? I can see people have a problem with Jack’s abilities but I’m baffled as to how something like this could be missed in the balance updates since his release. Playing as Monster with him and boosting Sunny make the whole experience very unfun.

With the game out for this long. Why is there even such a thing as “cancer comps”?


Jack’s SS was nerfed once already because of the damage. Also, that’s how his beam works. D:


I’ve been reading that people still think he’s too strong. Is this true? I’ve seen him cited in the term “cancer comp”


I think he’s fine as is.


You nailed the main question there. WHY indeed. The new one is Hanks laser beam, spam heaven for them!


I once fought a Beam Team with him, Val and Hank. It was mortifying. I couldn’t do anything and got wrecked. I mean, I’m not a great player, but I’m not too incompetent. Those 3 were, however, horrific to deal with at the same time.


The repulsor beam was changed so it would be more effective against Kraken, specifically more effective at pushing Kraken to the ground, it wasn’t meant to make it even stronger on the chase and in other ways.


Maybe nerfing Kraken would be better than buffing a hunter enough that he becomes a bigger problem for the other monsters as well. My losses seem to be disproportionally Jack related.


Kraken didn’t need a nerf, the game was and still is hunter favored, the change was meant to make one specific hunter better against one specific monster, they just didn’t test the change thoroughly enough to make sure it didn’t cause any unwanted effects


I used to think so but he manageable. The bean can be avoided. That pulsators angle is silly though, it needs straightening out a bit to be fairer.


Lighting strike, After Shock, banshee mines -> first hunter down! Its not that hard bro!


I’m not saying he’s hard to fight or not. I don’t play hunters much anymore.


And why you complain about the strength of the hunters? Or what ist the point of this post in short? I even ignore the repulsor of jack and it works. Just burst damage and you win as Monster…


Unless Hank is shielding and Val is healing then all that would perhaps just of dented his health? With a good team it NOT that easy! Especially at stage 1.


I used to be in the same boat, I understand if it seems hard.

Ideally, such a comp is unbreakable. Try and displace the key players.

Outright ball to the wall focus is dumb sometimes. Instead of ignoring Val’s healing to attack Hank or shields to attack Val, damage Val, she’ll pop HB, kite, then hit Hank hard, and keep focusing. Val will stop kiting to come to the rescue; swap back to her and focus her a bit. Hank now starts sheidling? Attack Hank. He cloaks, punch Val and he’ll shield again, then he’s dead.

Keep up the pressure on Medic and Support; FORCE them out of position, smack them both around.

Jack’s beam is a deterrent and makes it harder, but not impossible. You can power through it.

And ultimately, you need to fight in decent places. Kiting is extremely strong in good situations.


Just focus Hank first, If he cloaks after shock you will still get him.

Yes its true but mitgatting damage with the Kraken is easy just fly high in the air and keep distance. Stage 2 would be nice.


Or if he cloaks, start smacking Val around. She can’t heal lest she reveal him, so when Hank pops shields to save her, kill him.


I see you know what you are talking about! Exactly!


Jack simply makes it hard to win unless you learn to avoid his abilities, and if you don’t then you’re punished for it.

His pistol damage has been nerfed, his SS damage was nerfed, and the Repulsor’s duration was nerfed in recent balance changes.

And as people have stated here, the Repulsor angle which you can stop a Monster with was adjusted so that you can hold it at Kraken and ground him. Before that, Jack’s CC was useless against a Kraken player.


Oh yes. My little Jackie boy. I’m pretty sure he was created to annoy people. Haha

Jack is my main Trapper. I can tell you this: ranged is his worst enemy! He can stop you in your tracks, sure, but he can’t stop ranged attacks. His laser is difficult to hit depending on when and where it is placed. It only shows your current place as well and it can’t follow you unless the beams pass you again. In addition, he has a 60m radius. If you sneak out of that without eating, he probably won’t be able to find you for a while.

When attacking his beam, just turn around or move backwards. He can only stop you from moving forward. Even then he has to be around the place in front of you. His beam also discloses his location. A good scare should make him move. When he’s jet-packing he can’t use the beam on you. He’s also the fastest of the hunters, so chasing him down is just silly unless he’s the last alive. Bait him out by attacking other players or ‘trying’ to flee. You can bait out a dome or beam that way. Then you’ll be able to find him. A few knock-back and range attacks and you can get him out of LOS of the healer or support.