Can anyone tell me what Bit Beast this is?


Found this gem while cleaning my room…

I used to be sooooo into Beyblades, but I have no idea who this guy is. I tried looking on the wiki to see which Bit Beast it was, but I couldn’t find him ANYWHERE. Here’s a top view of the Bit.

Some sort of hummingbird-esque Bit Beast with a rapier. Can anyone here who’s Beyblade savvy tell me who this is?


Now, there’s a blast from the past. Beyblades weren’t something I really got into, sure I got a few of them way back when, but I never really got into collecting them as much as I did with Yu-Gi-Oh, or Raw Deal. Still got 3 folders full of Raw Deal stuff and a pretty big folder full of Yu-Gi-Oh cards.


Yeah, I used to LOVE Yu-Gi-Oh, but I was way more into Beyblades because you could actually utilize them in more of an actioney sense. Yu-Gi-Oh cards for me were just cool to look at.

Beyblade was my shit for a very long while, and I even went so far as to collect a shit ton after the newest series came out. I actually found Sir Hummingbird in a bag of newer Beyblades and launchers I found while cleaning my room.


Knight Dranzer, one of the choices for your starter in the ps1 game.


Aww man, beyblades. There was just something so fun and mesmerizing about just letting two of those things clash in a small arena and see who wins.

I remember I had a blue one that was pretty beasty. It was slightly shorter and wider than the ones my friends had. It gave it a huge advantage since its balance was superb and it could easily throw the other ones off balance.


Yup! It’s Knight Dranzer, @Rapterror, and afaik that’s the secondary bit beast that comes with every beyblade :stuck_out_tongue: I never understood why though… I guess incase we lost our primary one?


now i want to connect my nintendo gamecube and go play beyblade


It’s called a cat :stuck_out_tongue:


Man, Yu-Gi-Oh and Beyblade, childhood passing by, but pokemon remains though :stuck_out_tongue:


Just double checked and it looks like you’re right. It APPEARS that the Beyblade in itself is Dragoon Galaxy Turbo’s, but the Bit is Knight Dranzer.

I said “appears” in all caps because I’m not sure if it’s DGT’s, as I’m not close enough to the Bey to determine that. I just found DGT’s online, and they look similar.


Because Pokekon never changed the core fundementals until now. That was the fall of Yu-Gi-Oh and Bakugan and shit. Yu-Gi-Oh got all of this crazy racing stuff while fighting, and Bakugan started making new Bakugan that weren’t even ball shaped. They changed the name of their games early and I don’t think the children could keep up with that.


True, as soon as they started the new Beyblade and Yu-Gi-Oh, I didnt follow. I mean, the monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh looked cool in the beginning and then later it was more like, I dunno, more like mechanized monsters, not really interesting.

Also, did anyone do like double metal in their beyblade? :smiley:


What do you mean double metal?


The weight discs? Or?


Yeah the weight discs :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry for my bad wording, I’m European.


I got into bayblades when bakugan kinda just stopped making shows


Could’a sworn Beyblade came before Bakugan


Beyblade came long before Bakugan, but the newest Beyblade series came AFTER Bakugan’s fall from glory.


“Magic The Gathering” still better than “Yu-Gi-Oh”.


Thought so, cause I was watching and playing Beyblade in Primary school. That was like, over 10 years ago.
…Man I feel old. :sob: