Can anyone tell me Sunny's original stats?


I’ve been searching for 30 minutes and can’t find the threads from release that give damage numbers.

I’m specifically looking for how much damage per mini nuke she did.


If I remember correctly, one shot did 200 per hit. Her shield had a capacity of 1000 too! :scream:

Edit: Look back at old patch notes and go from there. Thats what I did :slight_smile:


200? Hmmm I could of swore it was higher.

I tried but couldn’t find the patch notes…


Google search ‘evolve patch notes’ and it should be the first link.


Ill save you the trouble


Thank you. This has been difficult. I’m on mobile.


It was said that 175 was lowered from 190 after a 25% nerf.

So I dunno what 25% of 190 + 190 but someone will have the answers.



According to the calculator that’s 237.5


Since 190 is the aftermath of a 25% nerf, Imma say that her original damage was 250. Those were the days…


I’ve just been pondering this since I saw @GentlemanSquirl white board.
Just been wondering what it would be like to have that back.


Thats really high lol omg, I hope they bring it back up to 200 if she’s going ton be offensive.


I think if they bring up the reload a touch and remove her shield she could have it.

Maybe the shield could be something like a seeing eye that highlights everything in a 40 meter area so the monster can’t hide in a dome. That might be useless but it’s an idea.

Or a laser turret that fires at the monster. Maybe a DR ability for focused hunters like 20% DR maybe?


What about a drone that increases the movement speed of the targeted hunter?


Judging from old videos she used to be able to take out a bar of armor with one grenade. :stuck_out_tongue:


You forgot the 5.0 patch where it went from 200 to 190.
Despite 200 being 75% of 266.667, I think its more likely that it orgininally was 250 and the person writing the patchnotes didn’t know exactly how to calculate percentages properly. Let’s be honest, nobody puts a weapons damage initially at 267 instead of 250.


Please show me. From my calculations it is actually 250 (half an armor bar) but I have been suspecting that until 8.0 it would deal twice the damage sometimes.


old video, it looks like three quarters instead of a full bar.


Hope this helps you


Neato! She’s only doing 130 now compared to her 250? That’s hilarious. They nerfed away half her damage lol


Nah, looks like half to me. At 9:07 she takes out exactly 1 bar of armor with 2 shots.