Can anyone on xbox help with this?


So I bought my xbox with a memory unit of about 2.4 gb. Now I need to get destiny beta that is 5.41 gb. Do I have to buy a new hard drive or download gb on it please help I’d don’t know wat to do


yeah you will need to get more memory, I am not a console guy, im a pc user… I think you can install more memory into an xbox?


Like I have a flashes in my xbox can I transfer it


Correct. You need a larger Hard Drive if you intend to download any games to your Xbox now a days since install files are much larger than they used to be.

Flash drives may work, but it’s been a while since I’ve used them. You could try using a flash drive stick in the USB and seeing if it will recognize it and enable you to download the files there but the only time I used a USB flash drive was for music on my xbox.


Idk how that would work. You may have to go and buy another drive. Have you looked online to try and find a better solution?


Yeah it says nothing about it but I got hints that I will have to buy a new one thx guys is there any at gamestop


But destiny isn’t supported on flash drive


This might help:


Yeah, you should be able to buy a new HDD. Although, I think you can only have one installed at any given time, so you can either continually swap between the discs or you can just get a massive one and move everything to that one.

I’ve never actually needed a new HDD on my Xbox, so I’m not entirely sure how it works, but that’s what I think I’ve heard over the last few months.

Actually, this ^^ guy right above me just got actual facts, so ignore what I just said and follow dat link!


Thx now I got get a new 1 b4 July 27 wat is the HDD cover?


Welp, then you have to either buy an Xbox internal or external Hard drive.

Personally, I wouldn’t buy one JUST for Destiny. I assume you are using an Xbox 360 Slim with 4GB Hard Drive?

If so, I’d purchase a 250gb hard drive for it which run reasonably cheap now a days, or just hold off and save money for the Xbox One.

Buying a Hard drive if your only intention is to play Destiny Beta on it, is rather silly and not a great investment. If you’ve played Halo, you pretty much have played Destiny before :wink:


still I can’t do much with 2 gb anyway plus I really want the beta and I have no money 4 next Gen


Welp, best option is to buy a refurbished one either at Gamestop or Online. But since you are trying to get one by Sunday, Gamestop is your best bet to find a used/refurbished hard drive for sale.

Installing it in the system is pretty simple


Aight thx man



That’s an xbox 360 320gb hard drive. I’ve bought one from this user for use in my Xbox 360, and while it only came with like 300gb, it still works perfectly.

My 360 came with 4gb memory and no hard drive in the slot, this was my perfect solution. less than a brand new game. :slight_smile:

Edit: didn’t realize you needed by sunday. #Sadness :frowning: