Can anyone help me with Hyde


I need help/tips on getting the 3rd star challenge on Hyde’s flame thrower.


What I did was every bit of wildlife you run past just flick your flamethrower on them to get the residual damage. Dont burn them til they die, just set them alight. It’s all you can do to get as much residual damage as possible, I think.


If you do want to go the easy way and farm it, I’d go on a custom defend game
Set balance to hunters, high wildlife
For your fellow hunters I’d pick either Abe or crow, Cabot, and val
And have damage bonus as your perk
And for the monster behemoth
Then just chase the monster while tapping your flamethrower on it every now and again so you can keep the flames on it, without killing it too fast
You should be able to get a good amount of residual damage on it each round

Otherwise, it’s really just a matter of time. Just make sure you’re using your flamethrower when you can and you’ll get it eventually