Can anyone give me tips on what skill set should I go for Behemoth in each stage?


I would really appreciate it,oh and tell me why you choose that skill set.
Thank you!


I really like a combo of Fissure/Rock Wall at stage 1. Either 3 fissure, 2 fissure 1 Rock, 1 Fissure 2 Rock. Sometimes I go 2 Fissure 1 Tongue but I dislike that one. Then at stage 2 I usually 3 lava bomb.


I’m using 2 in fissure and 1 in tongue since 1 rock wall isn’t good in a stage one fight( at least for me) I’ll try 1 fissure and 2 rock, sounds interesting, seems like a combo that would make me survive a stage one fight, thank you for showing your skill set!


I play more high risk and I like to have more utility than combat skills on a stage one monster. Make it so you can run away (like the little behemoth girl you truly are) and focus on staging up so you can fight. Rock wall is great and I also like lava bomb to keep them back but rock wall and fissure work together as well.


Check this link out




I go all out fissure or lava bomb stage 1, then rush to stage 2 for 3 in rockwall so i can get the fighting started.


S1 2 Fissure 1 Rockwall
S2 3 Fissure 2 Lava Bomb
S3 3 Fissure 3 Lava Bomb 2 Rockwall 1 Grab


S1: 3 lavabomb or 2 lavabomb and 1 tongue
S2: If lazarus,plenty of beam or generator that can be walled off: 3 RW otherwise total out to 3 lavabomb 1 tongue 2 rockwall
S3: 3 rockwall 2 fissure.

Fissure has become a lot better but is still simply outdone by lavabomb in terma of aimability, reliability, farmpower and raw damage.


In Hunt, they use Rock Wall, and Fissure most against me. So I guess that means something.


Lol fissure is insane. Super high damage, easy to aim and land, and it CC’s the hunters. I’ll take Fissure over Lava Bomb any day


1 in Tongue allows you to kill Mammoth birds and brings them straight to you. Also doesn’t create a really loud sound as opposed to fissure.