Can anyone find a game right now?


Just tried on my PS4 to get into Evolve and it won’t load my profile. Internets fine. Everything else is fine


I can’t on my xbox one either.



honestly doe honestly only da best


I saw in an earlier post that some were having trouble with the Xbox One. I just didn’t know if any PS4 players were having the same issue


add me on xbox

GT DownLikSyndrome


East coast xbox1 here… cant join
gt: sandymangina81


piss mods off by posting your gt here lol


does it really?? Didnt think it would since its about meeting people to play this game


I can confirm that it’s down for PC as well. Neither I any of my friends who aren’t already logged in can log in or find games. The one guy who never logged out from last night (he leaves his computer on) is still in and able to find games though.


Why yu do dis?




wyh u hatin