Can anyone explain why the timer stop when you are fighting the monster?


This just seems really weird to me. Why would it stop just because you are fighting? This makes it so that unless you are dealing health damage, an skirmishing or harassing of the monster outside the dome is actively detrimental to your team, since the monster is able to move, feed, and make progress toward evolving, all while the match timer is paused and it can simply regen it later.

I can understand why it needs to stop in the dome, otherwise the hunters would be incentivised to not engage in the dome or even solo dome and then just take the down on that one hunter in exchange for about half the monster’s time. But stopping it based on damage to the monster is just wrong.


Because the round would be too short otherwise. FYI, Hunters win by default if Timer Ends.


IIRC, the timer only pauses when it’s down to 2 minutes or something close to that. Throughout the rest of the match, the timer is always ticking away.

Not sure what the actual reason for this is, but my view on it is that it makes for much better conclusions. The monster is able to jump back in the fight with a few seconds left and that fight has a chance to play out before the timer ends.


I agree. I believe it’s for those last second fight possibilities. Cause it would suck as monster to prepare for that fight, engage, and then the hunters win due to the timer during the fight.


But why bother having a timer at all if you’re just going to stop it if it ever gets close to mattering. “Oops, looks like this timer is about to go off. Better pause it so that that doesn’t happen.”

In addition, I think that monster fights would be even better if they had to race against the clock because the decided to go stage three instead of attacking. The pause makes it so that you’re never ‘holding off’ the monster from the generator desperately waiting for the timer to run out. It’s just a normal fight the happens to be around a generator. It’s pretty frustrating as a hunter.


The Timer is there so that Monsters stop FT3 this allows quicker fights and not so much “Running Simulator” So if there was no timer at all then you’d be destroyed and if the timer never stopped you’d also be destroyed because TRS would need to Buff all Monsters making them OP

@GentlemanSquirl How many wins have been made by the Timer ending?


I have been in a grant total of one match that was decided by that timer, and that’s wrong because people go to stage three all the time and there’s no tradeoff since the timer is more than long enough to accommodate that.

How about this: Increase the timer if you have to (I don’t think you do personally but whatever) but only make it stop in domes. I think that that would be more satisfying for everyone. As it is the timer is a game feature that is almost never used.


I was actually just decreased so maybe only a little bit as in 1 or 2 Minutes

Okay, I can agree with this idea :slight_smile:

I don’t think that’s true but okay


I used it the other day to bait a monster who was attempting to avoid all combat. It’s to keep Monsters from simply running away all the time, because it puts them on a time crunch


The timer is there to force the monster player to engage rather than hiding and waiting to pick their shots, not to give them a hard limit on the time they have to win. TRS want those epic boss battles to happen and the timer is one way to do that just like the scanner and the dome. It’s not there as a win condition for the hunters, it’s a failsafe just like the relay to prevent people just running off incessantly and feeding / healing / running down the dropship timer.


I understand that that’s the intention, and that would be great. But as it is I almost never see a monster pressured into fighting because of the timer. Even the most gunshy monsters have ample time to run as much as they want and still have two minutes to spare when they get to stage three.

If they want it to be at all useful in that regard, it needs to be decreased significantly. Well, one or two minutes.


At the risk of sounding like an elitist prick, as you get to the higher skill levels and see the vets play you’ll see significantly longer games, fights won’t be decided in a dome or two and both sides will need to disengage and regroup. I haven’t run up to the timer yet but I see it pop up quite a lot and a fair few games run over 10 minutes. Would be interesting to see the stats on game duration from Thunderchild.


Yeah I’m stuck at level 19 because of the last patch, no ranked for me : (


If the Timer wouldnt stop when a fight starts hunters could/would only care about surviving and they wouldnt care about dealing damage because they dont have to. On the other side the monster still has a chance to win as long as the timer runs/stops.


But most of the time the monster just ft3 anyway and forces a fight at the generator. The hunters are incentivised to attack in order to fight a weaker monster than they would be forced to later.

The way it is now, the if the hunters harass the monster then they are actually hurting their chances, as outlined in the original post. That’s the thing I have a problem with.


Timer should only stop in the Dome, most of the times when we are attacking the monster outside of the Dome he is running away.

So stopping the timer outside of the Dome only helps the monster and eliminates the whole purpose of it.

Is it just me, or can the monters evolve really quickly?

Exactly right. <3


I feel that the way the timer is set up is perfect as is. If Hunters are hurting themselves by shooting an armored monster in the back as it runs, than don’t shoot it unless it doesn’t have armor. Its not that hard and any Hunter team that knows this would have no problem with the timer as is. Suggesting the timer only stop inside dome is putting the monster at a huge disadvantage because hunters don’t feel obligated to use the dome, they can just harass the monster into corners in the map, or just chase him around until the timer goes out because even fighting for Power Relay wont stop the timer then.


Except that the monster is significantly faster than the hunters. It can easily just run away.


A lot of gamea have been lost due to timer.

… speaking on behalf of the monsters.

…monster are now happy they dont just spontaneouly explode into a goowy mess at timers end anymore.