Can anyone explain to me how Ultravision perk will be balanced

Because it’s yet even more buffs to the Monsters, as usual. But us Hunter mains get routinely shafted by TRS.


That i can only hope for. Best case scenario, we get two per monster.

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-Various toxic comps and strategies available to hunters throughout the year+ of Evolve’s history

-Insignificant hunter nerfs every patch

-Characters like Slim, Sunny, and WLM were gods for months while Kraken was thought to be the only monster able to keep up

-“Hunters routinely fucked over”



I cant say that i personally agree with that. While i am a self proclaimed monster main, i also play as hunter just as much as i do monster and am more than excited to play as hunter in tu09 considering all of the buffs for them.

Now that i think about it, i guess i dont really main either hunter nor monster anymore. I just set it to no preference and play as whatever i get ever since tu08. That update made me enjoy playing as hunter as much as i like to play monster.

I hope you’re right! I’m not gonna complain if all this stuff comes true.

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That makes two of us. I see where the devs are going, and im excited- But with a lot of changes, theres a lot of ways to mess things up. The goal looks like its to make a game where combat is consistently happening at ALL levels of play- High and low levels alike. They want sneaking to be useful, but not give us matches where the hunters spend 90% of the match on the wrong side of the map and oh whee its stage 3 this was so much fun for 4 of the 5 players. They want to remove toxicity from both sides- Mechanics that are straight up aggravating to deal with or experience, even when you DO know how to counter them. They want monsters to be scary at all stages of the game. The thing about evolve is they want engagements to be trades. Some health for some strikes. The game works AMAZING when it plays like this- But it rarely does right now, at ANY level of play. Either the hunters lolol the monster and manage to get off scott free with zero to MAYBE 1 strike, or someone dun goofs and the monster obliterates them. They want permanent progression for both sides to occur in as many engagements as feasible- not one sided stomps. Cross the fingers, thats how evolve SHOULD be, and how theyre trying to make it.


Every update seems to weaken Hunters more and more, and strengthen Monsters ridiculously. When the game came out, I felt it was a tad Hunter-biased. Last summer, it evened up. Since then, I feel the game has gotten more and more Monster-biased, to the point where it’s a complete joke now.

It’s not about who gets more buffs/nerfs than others. It’s about the balance of the game. Monsters rarely got changes because too many variables would change for hunters. It’s easier to single out 1 hunters to fix a problem than to “fix” a monster then have 3 other things break.

If you main hunter, that’s your prerogative. Most of the changes TRS has done is to hunters because fixing 1 hunter won’t offset the other hunters and monsters, whereas monsters could completely break some hunters.

But rarely does a hunter get nerfed into oblivion, except Slim and Sunny and Jack. Since the start of the game:

  • Val has become thee most consistent healer out of all the medics
  • Laz with his toxic gameplay has become UP in any average game, where he only excels with teams with coordination and mics. (Relevant because he was thee go-to medic at launch, if I remember correctly)
  • Hunters have gotten slight tweaks to improve all-around performance, like Parnell’s SS.
  • Domes are now instant where a monster cannot escape like they could at launch.
  • Launch Wraith (We all know her problems by now)

Any Changes TRS made were small tweaks or removing toxicity. Slim, Sunny, and Jack are all in the process of fining their “sweet spot” where they aren’t toxic and overall balanced. TRS is experimenting with them, and it’s been a roller coaster.

My opinion was that the game was favored in certain situations, with the majority being monster favor. Monsters could escape domes and Launch Wraith, unless I forgot something. This could mean hunt was FT3 since monster could use all of his/her abilities to escape a dome rather than fighting.

Meanwhile Hunters only really had 5 deployables and Laz, unless I’m missing something. This was all situational because Bucket, Mags, Griff, Abe, and Mark were the only ones with 5 deployables.

But that’s just my opinion, as I do still respect yours.

I do slightly too, but like I said, balance of the game is the priority.

The only way I could agree with this is the latest MP made monsters strong in a few areas. like Gorgon’s ST. Kelder was a mishap with numbers, so he is a mistake. Kraken hasn’t changed much since his buff, but only because TRS wants to keep him at range, and he completely bends the ‘laws’ of Evolve.

Once again, opinions are opinions :wink:


So sideways has posted the truth as usual but I have to say at least a few words.

Please just read a persons post. It’s not hard and means a conversation can be had without meandering down weird valleys because you decided to somehow become confused over a paragraph that was not unambiguous. It’s a little embarrassing.

Also read the devs posts because they have divulged some information on the update. I guess you haven’t read much or there’s no way you would have posted what you did.

Aye, I’m just happy to get Mechanical Recharge.

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Nah man, that was Caira. EVERYONE complained about Caira at launch.

Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Good one.
Laz has never come close to A tier and is rarely even B. At launch he was a joke, after the first Val buffs he was even more of a joke.

Sure, he has been FotM a couple times, but Laz has never been competitive.

Which sucks because my fav comp is Laz Bucket. Practically exclusively played a Laz comp for the first 8 months I played, with me switching between Bucket, Cabot, and Sunny.

I don’t understand, does this mean you can’t hide in a bush anymore?

That is fun. Plus it makes it more of a hunt. An animal that realizes it is being hunted will try to hide if it is weaker than the predator/predators. Plus if you’re S3 it’s hilarious. Just hide your big, glowing, spiky butt in a bush and watch the Hunters walk past you. It’s pretty easy to see that. No bush glows and has spikes.

no like S1, say your getting cut off, no hiding in a bush? Its funny when they pass by when they can’t find you

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Can’t wait to see that in action.

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It’s 2 perks that combined are still only 35 m, and taking both (1,3) means you only get one actually useful level 2 perk

so you can see the monster through walls at half of dome range, which is only really practical on Cabot, and have to give up your most powerful perk slot and your main utility slot to get that.

It honestly seams like an utterly weak choice unless you are Cabot.

This statement is not completely wrong. I say just Elder Kraken/Kraken and Gorgon. If you go ranked at the moment its a joke everyone picks Elder or Gorgon and the match is always a win for the monster then. Its so hard on the hunter side then…

I think if @deanimate would play Elder, Gorgon or Kraken he wouldnt complain so often about op hunters. He is a main Goliath so its no wonder that he thinks like he thinks.

Totally agree. It’s just undisputable fact that gorgon and elder kraken are OP. Gorgon - unbelievable. I’ve put up a seriously good fight when I’ve landed in a quick play match as Gorgon with the no-traversal bug at lvl 1 and half armour (yes, I nearly won at level 1 without any traversal available to me at all)…

With regard Ultra-vision and all the dome change, I think we just need to accept it’s going to be seriously easy for the monster to be trapped. That was the whole point. The fun happens when you’re fighting the damn thing within a dome. I am in disbelief when players skip arena on quick play - why!?

For highest level play, i think the old system will be missed because it rewarded good trapper play - it could be the difference - but a lot of these highest level players are off playing elsewhere now and are not who are going to revive this game commercially. Ultimately though, it’s what happens inside the dome - even at the highest level - that determines the game anyway.