Can anyone explain to me how Ultravision perk will be balanced

I was reading some topics and stumbled across this and it seems that for a title update that’s making it harder for monsters to run away with the new doming mechanic, faster respawns, along with the radar, ultravision seems it will be a must have perk on one hunter every game. This is just further adding to my unease as a monster player looking forward to the title update. Every new piece of information I see seems to be making my calculated juking and sneaky ambushes impossible

I’d say this would topic would be best to stay in the original topic so that a Dev could answer your question. But I would assume the range you can see them is balanced. So it’s not like Cabot where you can see me through walls 150 meters away it’s only 15 I believe right now and that’s pretty short if you go into the game and start pinging to 15 meters.

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I think this perk will be balanced depending on the map.
ATM, this perk (with elite wildlife) is very usefull on a map like aviary.
It may be interesting too for the armory.
But on most of the map, it will be balance.

And I think that finding the monster will be much easier than today (new ability for the trapper, everyone have a dome) so this perk is not as unbalanced as you may think.

We also don’t know the perks the monsters will be getting. I get the impression from all these perk changes that they really want to move away from the generally pretty limited choice with perks and make them all much more viable to suit an array of play styles. Perhaps they could tease a few to give us more ideas…


are they increasing the level cap?

The player level might be higher considering all of the new perks and since each charactor will be able to individually level up to level 40, we technically end up with 800+ levels.

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Thanks for the replies. Does anyone else who plays monster echo my feelings of unease? I regard Evolve as my favorite thinking game. I did not flee till 3 and aimed to end games at stage 2. I did it through careful sneaking, ambushes, observation of hunter behavior and in general messing with them as Goliath.

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you can level up characters soon 0_o where have I been is there skins for it?

As a monster main, i can only say that i have been only getting progressively more excited as i learn more about tu09 and the changes TRS have planned.


Yes. Both current elite skins, perks, badges, and NEW ELITE SKINS.
It also will be replacing mastery.

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well I’m going to play the s*** out of goliath or wraith when It releases.
will I lose the unlocks I already earned when it releases?

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I think You get to keep your current unlocks and all characters get the original 10% mastery boost at all times.

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ok I’m rehyped for this game the waits worth it

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does this mean Meteor goliath and kelder will finally get skins?

Nope. I’m fed up with running like a bitch until S3 because all too often fighting at S2 means I lose far too much health and accomplish nothing. The update sounds amazing so far.

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Did I say that I run until S3? I’m talking about the ease of finding the monster now. And if you thought you lost too much health at S2, I’m not sure how the hunters being able to find and dome you more often, with shorter respawn times, will make your life easier. Unless you think that you’re gonna stomp at stage 1 or that a single more point total at stage 2 is gonna shield you from losing health like you usually do.

Honestly your post is confusing. You lose your stage 2 fights, so you ran until stage 3? And now that the hunters have a easier time finding you, doming you, and shorter respawn, you suddenly feel more confident?

With everything we know so far (hunter and monster buffs) I think everything’s fine. I mean sure if you just look at one sides buffs, people will complain and holler OP. But lets reserve judgement until you know its a problem instead of guessing.

Our Devs are working hard to remove toxicity from the game. Lets give them some trust.

Well, each vision perk you take is one damage perk less for you. If the game is balanced for that, you might become a case of crippling overspecialization - never letting the monster out of your sight, but also never being able to do much to it.

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He plays on PC as goliath. That should explain exactly why he would get dominated at s2.

Did he say you did?

Because now at stage 2 hell have more ability points to use.

With abilities that are far easier to land

Which can for the most part be used more frequently.

Against hunters who will find it harder to roach

And lack things like cloaks to get away

Or assaults with shields of complete invulnerability

And hell have more mobility in and out of combat

And a plethora of QoL changes


In light of the previous, I really see nothing too confusing about it. He has confidence in the devs when they say monsters are scary.

As for how I believe ultravision will be balanced? See above. With a range of 25 meters, you wont exactly be roaming around sniffing out the monster no matter where it is. 25 meters is within pounce range of kraken currently. All if means is that you at BEST might not get away with “tee… hehe… hehehe” situations, against the probably ONE hunter who has this perk.