Can anyone explain this for me? How do the Hunters work?

Before I start I just want to let you know that I realize that the topic this question revolves around is probably to make gameplay better and all that because if it was completely realistic, Evolve wouldn’t be fun. But anyway, onto the question -

I just want to know how the Evolve characters manage to stay alive for so long while fighting the Monster.

Okay. That probably sounds like a stupid question. You’re thinking, “Because they have medics!” Nono, I want to know how when a Goliath slams it’s fists down on a Hunter or smashes a rock into them, they aren’t knocked out IMMEDIATELY. For any other human being a rock to the face of that size would probably break almost every bone in your body, plus the smashing into walls/the ground. Not to mention how resilient they seem when fighting a Wraith. Seriously! She has massive blades and the Hunters are like a brick wall when they’re getting hit by them. Their arms should be flying off and whatnot.

When the medic dies they’re obviously a lot weaker, but they’re still much stronger than say, survivors that you pick up in Rescue. Or colonists that fight with you in Evac.

We know that characters bleed a lot as well. There’s a line that Hyde says when he’s low on health. Basically, he says that he can see his own guts coming out. Gross, but, ok. Markov will also say “Blood? MY blood? Where is medic!?” once his shield goes down (this does actually make sense) and I’ve heard Jack say “I’m covered in my own blood!” So we know that they do in fact bleed a lot. It just doesn’t seem to effect them as much as it should because of the medics, but I digress.

For characters like Lennox and Parnell I can understand because they’re under huge bulks of armored suits. The Assaults shield = makes sense. Emet and Bucket it also makes sense because, well. They’re robots. But for characters like Sunny, Jack, Caira, Cabot, Val, Abe, etc…

Does anyone have anything telling me how the Hunter’s… well, work. Do they have armor that we can’t see? Something they inject into themselves that makes them stronger before a fight?

In the lore,some of them didn’t survived for long(Slim has the first one to kick the bucket),so it has just a mantter of time before all of them die.
But if want to know how they survived after being hit by a Rock,well… videogames?

Yeah, I know most of them do eventually die. Why then, though, if we’re delving into that? Why, suddenly, do they not respawn back in the Dropship like normal? But that isn’t the question I’m asking.

And I know it’s a video game. I stated at the top I knew the reason why it’s not realistic unless there’s a reason for it.

The assaults have a shield to protect them from any damage,but the others Hunters don’t,so that explain a little about the assaults.
I belive some of the mechanics in the game are more for fun,so it makes some thing like the “drop ship” a ressurection mechanic,but lore wise it dosn’t exist.
Did I answered you question(s)?

You said what I already knew (and stated) in the main post.

Man,let me call someone @Galactoid I call you for help.Now he just have to wait.
I think the answer to your question is: it’s a game mechanic that treasures fun.I know it’s a vague answer,but that’s it,I also wonder how they survive but that’s the way it is.

But don’t worrie,Galactoid is going to give you the answer.

Haha! Oh god. Quite scared honestly for his arrival…

Thanks for trying to help tho.


Glad to help.

Maybe their health bars are actually just shields, and shields projected by supports are just extra shields on top of that

The way hunters are gameplay wise is purely due to the fact that it wouldn’t be nearly as fun in a pvp game if the combat was in line with the canon.

canon, example being pre menu cutscene and evac cutscenes.

In game you can eat a few rock throws before going down.
In canon,example pre menu cutscene, hank only gets clipped on his side by a rock throw and thats enough to floor him until val swoopes in.
How frustrating would the game be if the monsters could just crush or disembowel you like they would irl.

Tl;dr: hunters in game don’t Actually function the way they would canonicaly.


Slim didn’t die first.

Slim dies to the first Meteor Goliath encountered I believe.


Caira died before this. And where was it stated that the first Meteor Goliath killed Slim?

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Why is Slim kicking Bucket… thats rude

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Here you go:


Okay. I’m gonna ask the REAL question.
You guys all know that when hunters die after the 2nd strike, they really die and have to wait the dropship to return.
They leave a carcass which is edible for 2 pieces of meat to the monster. But after the monster eats it, they return like, "A Goliath just munched me? Anyway! pew pew pew"
So how does that work? Do they have some kind of cloning machine or something? Or is it something else? Plz explain, my brain hurts.

Gameplay and story segregation.

Incorrect, he, Crow, and Torvald never received official deaths in the story. Actually now that I think about it a lot of the hunters had rather uncertain ends.

Doesn’t make sense for how Bucket can also be eaten, and the leftovers is a bloody carcass. I got no answer for you, friend.

Offical response:


Oh, nice! Thank you! :smiley: