Can anyone confirm if the monster race skins are out also?


Anyone able to confirm? Not to be confused with the magma skin or the other ones which I think were called savage.


They are. Purple for the 3 first monsters and Jade for Behemoth!


Cool, I’m at work so I can’t check. Thank’s for the response. =)


Oh crikey I hadn’t even looked for these. Sounds interesting. Will check out when home. Jade sounds great.


How do you get them if you have the PC Monster Race pack already?


You just click “customise” underneath your monster. I got them.


Purple!?! Do you happen to have pictures?


Doesn’t work for me at all and I have the PC Monster Race Edition on the PC. The problem is I think is that you pre-ordered and have Behemoth; I don’t. So therefore I think the skin pack is locked.


I have it neither, even though I have Behemoth, so thats probably not it. In steam it simply shows the Monster Race Skin Pack as not installed.


Jade better not be PCMR only or I will be pretty upset, It’s one of the only skins I want to buy


If I remember correctly the monster race skins appear on the store for a price after 30 days so you’ll get your chance.


but I was gonna buy them tomorrow


i have monster race edition, but i cant install them? still says “not installed” to pc monster race skin pack, but if i check and uncheck it at steam nothing happens … anyone else have this problem? :frowning:


Not sure if serious or trolling to the max.


I do not have them installed on PC either. Hopefully we can get a look into this. Got them for DLC but not unlocked.




Same here, DLC active, but not installed. Can’t seem to force Steam to install it (could try a full reinstall overnight, nothing to lose)


What? No. I would love to dig up a picture, but I’m in-game. They are called “cosmic”.


You sure? :hyde_2:


No pictures; he’s trolling.