Can anybody verify


Okay so so far I haven’t been able to find a definitive source, does Slim spore cloud mask the hunters whether the monster is in it or not? Like if it’s shot at the hunters are they invisible? I hear yes from some and no from others, I also remember seeing info on him before release that you could shoot it at your feet to mask your approach towards the monster.
So is this true, if you shoot it at the hunters and not the monster, the hunters will still be masked?


as long as the monster is in the cloud, he cant smell. its useless if you shoot at hunters


I’m pretty sure it’s AOE so if the Hunters are in the cloud the Monster can’t smell them, but I’m not entirely sure.


@EventHorizon7 is correct, the Monster needs to be in the cloud for it to work.


You fire, it creates a small area of effect. When the Monster is inside this area, it cannot smell. When it leaves, it can smell just fine.


For player Momsters, yes it works. A.I. Monsters are supposed to be affected, but I showed proof in a Bug thread that it does not affect the A.I.


well you can still see the hunters you just cant smell like if there is a hunter in yr face then get spore cloud you can still see them


So if the hunters are in the cloud, while the monster is not, they can still be seen with the monsters smell?


No. As long as the Monster is in the cloud, he can’t smell anything. At all.


Well that doesn’t make to much sense, since the stink cloud masks smells and stuff, if the hunters are in the cloud even if the monster isn’t, shouldn’t they be practically invisible like when the monster is in the cloud since they’re smell would technically be masked by the cloud?


The idea behind it is that the chemicals present in the cloud screw with the Monster itself, not the scents of things around it.

And if you could just drop a cloud at your feet, that would be REALLY powerful. Make you impossible to catch.


Yes. The cloud doesn’t mask anything - it only negates the monsters ability to smell while he’s in it


Hahah yea, even though in its description, “it masks the scent”


I compare it to an Axe-Bomb in that if someone sprays it in another room, I’ll notice it, but I can still smell what I’m cooking for dinner.

When they barge into the room and spray me head to toe with it, I’m smelling nothing BUT that until I gtfo that room… gagging the whole way :stuck_out_tongue: