Can anybody explain me how does Rock Throw work?


Hello , pretty new to game, and there is one thing I dont understand that much .

In patch notes I read this :

So does it means that when I hit someone on ground with rock, it will deal 664 totall dmg to him?

Or it will deal only 332dmg to him and 332 dmg to Hunters that where in splash radius of rock?

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Ayup. So Rock Throw does direct damage and shrapnel damage; most of the time hitting someone smack in the face and having something behind them yields the entire damage of the ability (unless it bugs) and if you miss the hunter, but the rock explodes near to them, it does the shrapnel damage.


I was in the process of answering this you ninja. >.<

And I thought they solved the double rock bug.


What double rock bug?


I thought it only did either direct or splash damage. When it did both, it was considered a double rock.


Well, no? Right? Rock Throw’s full damage was always 800 at max. It was meant to be. Major skillshot, major reward.

And I know that if the Hunter is up against, say, a wall, then it does both. Not sure if it’s a bug now, but I don’t think it is.


Dunno, I remember there being an instance where rock was dealing double the damage it should of been. And people generally agreed it was because the shrapnel and direct damage hit at the same time. Maybe I’m just confusing myself at this point.


And me, and me. D:

I remember that. I think that was when the rock did like 1600 damage and instantly killed people. Different.


^Rose is correct.


Yeah… Lava bomb would do the same. When it happened, it was extremely annoying.


Either you get the direct damage or splash damage.


No, it deals both on direct hits. To see proof, throw s rock while a shield drone is deployed. It’ll deal some health damage and drain some shield, since the shield will kick in after the initial damage.

The double rock bug was the rock registering twice. Different than the direct impact/shrapnel thing.


You could also just look at the previous damage model. Rock throw did ~800 damage if you combined Splash and Direct hit damage. Look at a 2 striked hunter that gets hit by a rock throw. They have at max,

(1600 x 40% = 640hp) [Each strike = 20% max HP]

1600 - 640 = 960hp when 2 striked

A Rockthrow with 10% damage increase would almost kill a hunter with 2 strikes at full hp. This is only achievable if Direct and Splash damages were both applied and ~800hp damage was incurred. Otherwise you would have ~320-400hp damage [Don’t remember exact value]. Which would leave you with half your HP bar after a single rock throw with direct hit.

I just felt like doing some math…


It did but I think they changed it to the direct and splash and splitting up the damage to avoid that double damage rock throw.


Why doesny goliath change the terrain when he uses rock throw?

Also, where does that rock come frome when he uses it in a bridge or walkway???


There’s no longer a bug, so I guess you’re good now.


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