Can a mod find out why my goliath advice thread got locked but the behemoth one is ok?


Who do I contact about this? Its very unfair…


If you want to PM me about it, I’ll take a look for you.

Send me the link to your thread and this behemoth thread you’re talking about.

EDIT: I see it was made clear why. The thread in question was pretty toxic compared to the Behemoth thread. I wouldn’t make any more topics about this if I were you, if you have more questions you should keep it to PMing a mod.


This was discussed in Geef’s thread. After your thread they made a policy of locking AMAs, but Geef’s somehow flew under the radar and has turned out pretty well, so it’s being kept.


Continuing to make these threads will lead to a ban.

I’ll say it again- take this up in PMs with someone, but no more threads about it.