Camping the relay


Does anyone happen to know if this (rather toxic) issue is being addressed in the upcoming patch?

And when I say relay camping… I mean hunters who don’t give a chase even before the monster gets to stage three. It’s getting rather ridiculous how people are running all kinds of hunter combinations that are toxic enough as it is, and then top it off by not engaging in any active combat until the monster is forced to face them.

Yes, any monster can go fight at stage one, or two… But we all know that most relays favor the hunters quite heavily. Besides that, I hate seeing a complete map go to waste just because four people are too lazy to move around.


Is this a rant?



This is not a rant. He has asked a question in a calm(ish?) manner, which can lead towards a discussion.

To answer @StartSwimming, yes it seems like it is being addressed (possibly). Will get a quote, so check back in 2 mins.



Thank you kindly, Trickster! I’m looking forward to this patch more and more every day! Can’t wait for Evolve to be all about fun, instead of toxicity :smiley:

Actually you’ll find that I explained what I meant by relay camping =)


Yea, Sorry I had to reread it again


What? A patch to prevent hunters to camp the relay? I wonder how it will work because when I play monster on stage 3, most of the hunters retreat and camp next to the relay. They set up everything, the traps, the turrets, the drone shields, the teleporters, etc…and when you see this over and over and over, it starts to get boring and easily predictable.


Uh… Stage 3 means go to the relay, that’s normal behaviour =) It’s when they camp the relay at stage 1 and 2 where it makes zero sense. And no, getting to stage 3 for free will not get you that win, because going to 3 currently doesn’t grant any additional benefits that offset your increase in size; and thus increasing the chances of being hit.


Ho, I understand what you mean to say. In my opinion, people camping the relay when the monster is under the 3rd stage means that they are probably new and because the last time they lost is because the monster destroyed the relay, or because they are trying to cut off the monster’s track and hopping to catch him…or they are lost/dumb like derps.


There are so many changes coming in the upcoming TU, and I’m sure I heard something about this specific problem. I think it’s safe to say this won’t be a viable strat anymore ((assuming the upcoming TU is all that and a bag of chips that it promises to be.))


TU? What’s that?


Title Update. The next big patch with balance changes/design changes/etc. You should check out the 9.0 title update speculation thread. It’s looking bretty gud mane.


Title update


Ok, I’ll take a look later. Thanks for the info.


Do you people actually have players that just wait? No chase or anything?

… Wow.

I don’t think I’ve ever faced that. (As Monster). Maybe I have been accused of doing it a few times, but not at Stage One… Just towards the end of Stage Two, where we wait a minute before engaging.


I’ve seen plenty of people who refuse to fight on the go, because it gives the monster an advantage - Monster gets to pick where it wants to fight and can thus opt for something in its favor.

Naturally it can be a viable tactic for a monster player to do this… But when you’re facing a comp that consists of Val/Sunny or Laz/Kala… They’ve already got numbers in their favor. Naturally there’s many more combinations that are possible to make it worse, heh.

So when players are ranked silver master or silver elite… They’re new? An organized team that has zero strikes can easily handle a stage three monster. As a monster, you’d need to get very lucky to get to the point where you can get a strike in.


I’ve played people that refused to chase me as Wraith (not my main monster), because I got a strike on Hank whilst mitigating (basically abducting assault and then warping to the other end, where the rest of the hunters were and attacking them and such). This was at S1 btw. They instead will camp the relay so that they can prevent me from getting strikes on the chase.


Oh yes, it’s quiet terrifying when I see it, lol.

Once they realize I ambush a lot, they won’t bother.

Not sure how Turtle Rock could fix this problem though.


Why patch it? It’s a free win. Yes stage 3 is a little under whelming compared to the past but a full health stage 3 monster is still nothing to scoff at. Unless you’re gorgon you should have no trouble winning a match like this.


Heheh, yeah.

Now that I am breaking my brain thinking about it, I can recall a match I was playing as Gorgon where I wasn’t chased around the map. I was wondering where they were, too, but I guess from standing still for 5+ minutes that meant the Hunters weren’t on to me.

That explains why I never get domed half the time. But I always kick their asses at Stage Three anyway, so it’s no big deal, regardless if they have strikes or not.

Just because someone has no strikes doesn’t mean a much smarter Monster won’t kick you to Texas, if you grasp my meaning.

I have no idea why this would be considered (lazy). You push a controller/mouse/keypad and run around a little bit. I think (lack of interesting content) would be a better term for this situation. Running after a cowardly Monster that just runs and hides is no fun at all, but we have to put up with it, I guess.


Sorta happened to me once. I got ONE strike on support, and the team just gave up and camped this rock formation on Wraith Trap.

I’m actually really glad someone brought this up :slight_smile: FT3 and Relay Camping (for an inherent advantage) shouldn’t be an instant “I win” tactic