Campaign mode?


I searched and found nothing about this thread

why don’t you work on campaign mode ???

some of us as a community has lot’s of ideas about this

what do you think people ??


There is a campaign mode. It’s called Evacuation.


Been brought up a bunch. Not a fan. Detracts from time spent on the multiplayer. I’d rather have a well put together multiplayer than a campaign tacked on just because people want one.


There was a big problem with Titanfall. It had a mandatory campaign.


It wasn’t really that bad. The campaign was essentially identical to the MP.


Exactly what i am saying. Mp with audiosnips every five seconds. Which you can not concentrate on because action.


Guys… For now let’s all get hype with the “Tuesday-Big Surprise” AND then, we can start talkin about a campaign mode O.o

(I’d like to have a campaign mode for Evolve, where you play as a reaver (or your choice of wildlife) ^^)


God i hope its not a campaign. I am so hyped for everything except a campaign. A new mode would be fantastic and breath new life into evolve, as long as it is no campaign.