Campaign Mode Confirmed!


I don’t know if anyone else has posted a confirmation about this, but I found an interview from Pax, where a Developer stated there will be a Campaign mode of sorts. :smile:

Here it is, it is at 5:03

The Campaign of Evolve

My guess is it’ll be a little like “campaign mode” in old brawler games like Soul Calibur. That is, you’ll just play a series of the default maps/monsters. I’d also guess that beating these maps is how you unlock new monsters/hunters.


Possibly, I hope it is Co-Op though. It may be you going from colony to colony defeating the 3 Monsters from release and also hunting some of the other wildlife for some reason? (I’m thinking too Monster Hunter I think but who knows)


NOOOOOO! I know I’m probably the only idiot saying this, but don’t do a campaign! Put all the effort in multiplayer, cause like titanfall campaign, it is just going to have ZERO replay ability. IMO- don’t do it, (end rant)


This game is born and breed on Multiplayer. I am POSITIVE there will be plenty of replayability. I would just like a lore based campaign(maybe one for each set of hunters) that I can get lore from, rather than reading long text bios… Trust me, I figured out the math, by the time we have 10 sets of Hunters, that is 10,000 different squad combinations, multiply that by 10 Monsters, that’s 100,000 different match ups, then add in the already 12 shipped maps, plus maybe 8 more(this is a low estimate) by the time we get 10 Hunter Sets/Monsters, that allows 2 million different types of matches to be had that are completely unique.


There’s going to be a way to dive deeper into hunter background stories and possibly learn some stuff about the history of Shear, but I don’t know if it’ll be what the campaign is classed as


With an average of 12 minutes per match, that is 24 million minutes of gameplay, which is 400,000 hours, which is 16,666 days, which is 46.8 YEARS of NON-STOP playing evolve, not including loading screens, or matchmaking that is all different in one way shape or form.


Maybe ‘campaign’ is just a word for ‘AI Fights with a Bit of Story’?


Possibly. I don’t even know what to expect campaign-wise. I’m not massively hyped about the thought of there being one either


I don’t care for the word “campaign”…since that, to me, entails a storyline and set of objectives, like a game in and of itself. However, I do want a “TRAINING” mode so I can learn each monster/hunter before dropping into a game on-line. I don’t want to play blind with a team, and I don’t want to feel rushed into playing a character and being forced to learn key elements as I play live. Yes there will be learning on the fly of course, but you know what I mean. I don’t want to fail my team because I don’t know how to properly use a weapon. On launch day I would probably train half the day before even thinking about playing live.


I agree, ‘campaign’ is such a dry word nowadays. It just reminds me of brown military shooters.
‘Lore Mode’ would sound better than ‘campaign’


I know there was a huge clamor for a “campaign” but campaigns for games that aren’t designed for SP are usually dry and boring. BF and Titanfall being excellent examples of that.