Campaign for a Tourney?


I posted this in the random thread but I really should have made it it’s own thread to give it serious consideration, so I will move things accordingly here.

I am more seriously considering hosting an Evolve tourney for August, to be crowdfunded (to help with prize pool and streaming/shoutcasting). However, anything involving money is serious business so I’d like to see if anyone here would actually monetarily support such a notion? I strongly feel you guys would but…like I said, I don’t want to put myself and others out there for nothing. It would be via Kickstarter, with opening tier of course being $1. I am debating what to offer for higher funds and this is a difficult area because I do not think I am allowed to “create” any artwork that could link back to Evolve, for copyright purposes. I have debated creating a similarly-themed patch however with a design that is inspired by the 4V1 but of course not stepping on any 2K toes. I could also get my hands on official Wristbands or other “Officially licensed” products.

Would You Financially Support a Kickstarter Campaign for an Evolve Tourney?

  • Yes, a lot
  • Yes, a little bit
  • No, sorry, I can’t but wish I could
  • Not giving my money willy nilly and hoping the tourney actually happens

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Would You Want to Participate?

  • If money is involved you know I’m game!
  • Depends on the prize sizes, honestly
  • I’m all in regardless of prize or not!
  • I want to but it depends on timing and how it’s set-up
  • I just want to watch some great games

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Those who voted before, please do so again; sorry about that.


The problem with GoFundMe and Indiegogo is that the money that comes in is kept…once people send that money it becomes my property. I do not want to keep anything unless the set goal is met, because I would then need to refund everyone their money and that’s tedious. The minimum goal for KS is $250, which is where I would set it and pretty sure we’d easily achieve it (though I would be aiming much higher personally).

However, there are pros and cons. Kickstarter takes aprox. 10% of the final price in fees. It takes 2 weeks after the end of the campaign to get the final monies released. Any physical items that require shipping will also need to be purchased and shipped, and shipping items comes out of those base funds…so ideally I would want to ship very little, yet still offer something unique to those who back. However, with KS I’d personally be held accountable for how the funds get spent…and seeing that I keep my word. It being very public and my having a good reputation with KS, this should set people’s minds at ease that do not know me personally.

you may get inundated.

With too many people wanting to play you mean?

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Not sure how much you would end up raising for the tourney but I would say on behalf of the Horse Toast crew if we were to win it we would happily give it away to a charity or even use the money to by some cool evolve merch and send it to a twitch viewer.


I’d also want to have (ideally) an amateurs bracket and a pros bracket…for example, players with 300 hours or less individually would be in the amateurs bracket for a cumulative hours total of say no more than 1,500-2,000 tops for all 5 players combined. Everyone else would be bumped into the pros. Of course depending on a campaign success and enough funds raised, would depend on an amateur prize pool for first place in their bracket.

As for timing…not everyone can compete on set days at set times, so there would be flex games to aid players who want to take part but have work obligations. Only the top final teams…4-6 teams would compete in a streamed finale for first place…and of course that day would be set in stone and these players would have to play at that time. I would allow for stand-ins as necessary; however, if a stand-in is used and your team goes on to win, the earnings must be divided between all participating players (so divided by 6 instead of just by 5). I would try to have all games overall recorded though, not just the streamed finale, so people can follow along.


I’d like to get some more votes before deciding, but it doesn’t look too promising for running a campaign. Keep in mind that tiers for said campaign would most likely not exceed the $10 mark (although in any tier you can put forward more than the tier’s stated amount). So the main tier would be $1, then there would be $5 and $10 tiers.


Between those who would donate versus those who would not, it’s roughly a 50/50 split. :confused: So I am going to plan on something else that can get the community involved but not necessarily be a “tournament” like what we are used to seeing.

Perhaps we could organize the top known teams in the game and have challengers attempt to defeat them in streamed bests of 7 matches. Maybe we could do this on a weekly basis? I don’t know, just coming up with ideas off the top of my head. Maybe top monsters would like to be challenged by teams willing to try to take them down?


Maybe just have a ‘around the world of Shear’ event for Legacy. Find out all he maps and what you get for winning/losing. Then go through each one and the winner gets the buff, the loser gets to pick the next map etc… Would be interesting to see maps with all the fun modifiers running around.