Came back after a break, now nobody plays Hunt


Came back after a break from this game, and now it seems that the player population for hunt got cut since there is Arena mode now. I’m all for Arena mode, but now Hunt lobbies are much more barren and its sad to see a lobby where an experienced level 40 gets paired up with a single level 3. Sometimes the lobby somehow manages to fill up, but that’s definately not the norm anymore.


Well, on PC at least, nobody plays Arena. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s all Hunt.


but sooo maaanyyy lazaruuuuseseses


I know how you feel, trust me. It’s hard for me to get back into the groove of things.


Really? Since arena came out, I played maybe 4 games of hunt…


I’m still all about hunt, absolutely hate arena.


Arena sucks. Its a totally dumbed down version of the game for people who can’t track the monster.


Most people don’t.


all this arena hate… i don’t play much arena but i don’t hate it lol.

its actually not bad to switch over when you can’t find a good lobby in hunt, fast games, not much loading.
it doesn’t take that much skill and teamplay but its not bad like nest, defend…


I disagree, I play arena because it’s much faster way of having fun, with much more many bursts of encounters. I’m an excellent trapper, but since I don’t have a full group, I don’t want to waste my time on running simulator… God I hate this expression, but sometimes it can be really bad and annoying…

Overall though, I do agree that that Hunt is a proper mode for Evolve. It represents the best of what the game has to offer.


Its more the principle of it I don’t like rather than the mode itself.
Hunt is just much better

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I’ll take low levels over some of the tools my friend and I have been encountering. Last night we had a guy (level 40) who played us the match before as monster…got put on our team the next match and he decided it would be more fun if he shot at wildlife until he was incapped. He was playing as Abe. I’d revive him and then he would do again. Even hotswapped to Lennox and did the same thing.

But I am with you on bot filled teams. It happens quite a bit on xb1 and I can’t tell if it’s a matchmaking or lack of players issue. My friend I and were playing with full teams for a bit and then it was just us queued with a pair of bots for the rest of the night.


Or a way for monster players to climb the leaderboards quickly.

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Great for countering strikes, he’s my favourite medic.
Don’t trust @moiser, we all know Caira is boring.

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Stop saying that, she isn’t boring :cry:

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Funny, ever since Arena came out I’m practically never playing Hunt anymore.

I try to, every day I try, but it only takes 1 average round of playing with randoms to realize that Arena is really the only gamemode for me where I don’t get frustrated by my team’s mistakes.

In Hunt, a silly Trapper missing the dome (continually) can/will cost you the game.
In Arena, you can’t miss the dome.

In Hunt, you’ve pretty much lost the game if your Trapper throws a bad dome.
In Arena, while there are some domes that are seriously less balanced than others (urgh, looking at you, cave-dome in Barracks and Weather Control), you’ll at least enter the next round without strikes and at full health. Every mistake you made in the previous round has been erased.

In Hunt, unhelpful teammates will draw out a seemingly endless match of missing domes or never dealing health damage to the Monster until after all the wait you’ll get destroyed at the Relay in 30 seconds.
In Arena, non dome-specific mistakes do not occur. No idiot teammates getting eaten by a Tyrant, no Bucket falling behind because he’s scouting with the UAV even though everyone knows where the Monster is.
And even if your teammates make too many mistakes in Arena, at least the match will soon be over. In Hunt, that’s entirely up to the Monster player.

Now all that’s left is fix the timer in Arena to completely prevent running/hide&seek behavior from the Monster and boom! Arena has now become the safe haven of Evolve.

I still play Hunt occasionally with friends but you can bet your ass I’ll ragequit in less than 10 minutes when playing with randoms.


You know it’s true, someday you will come to that realization.

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Well at least when i get paired with 3 idiots the game ends fast, unlike hunt where it drags out for 10 minutes.


I’m on xb1 and I find hunt games quick, I’ve only played arena once.


Arena is a joke of a game mode, designed to give bad hunters a chance to win.

It is egregiously one sided, any team of half decent hunters with no strikes can easily take down a perma-domed stage 2 monster.

I supposed it makes sense that such a game mode is popular on consoles.

Thank Dawkins I’m on PC.