Calling Fitness Experts: What % of Goliath is Body Fat?


#As seen in this picture :goliath_roar: has been snacking on those fatty Obsidian Grubs. So what can Goliath do to trade in the flab for some abs?

Behemoths diet plan

He needs to upgrade to a double rock throw or something.

Get his buddy behemoth to roll up in a ball and he has to roll him up hills.

I don’t know. Something like that.


Running and Leaping balances it out. I’m sure being shot doesn’t hurt either. Fat melts against Hyde.


Haha wtf, oh well
Imagine how much resources his body burns to evolve


@MaddCow And @MeTheBigShow Op updated.


5 3 meats. Lets say 1 meat can be as small as a grub and 1/3 a mammoth bird. So lets say that 1 meat = 2.5 lbs at most (That might be stretching as 1 glaciopod poop is also considered 1 ‘meat’) So he burns 45 lbs (Again, overestimating) in order to empty his stomach and grow spikes. I think that is worth it. If that is correct, I know that America would have LOTS of horned people.



Gotta be more than 45 lb tho hes huge and one horn might weigh at least 40 or 50, hes gotta be eating alot more, think relative to human size, about a mamoth bird might weigh close to 400 or 500 pounds and hes gotta eat multiples


Thinking relative to about a horses size on the mamoth birds


Also how much flammable gasses he has to produce for fire breath
How much do we think a goliath would weigh? Cause thatd probably be the closes we could get to estimating a weight shift between evolution then deciding how much us burned in the process and maybe how much wild life weighs


The problem comes from what the tiny amount needed to evolve is. 15 Glaciopod poops. I can’t imagine that being more than 15 pounds. Maybe it’s like super vitamins or something. However, the act of Evolving AND getting bigger/stronger would require tremendous amounts of energy. The best I can think is that the evolution process is used with super mitochondria type cells. Similar to Parasite Eve’s transformations in which there are super mitochondria.


Taco Bell is the worst … the worst.


Fuckin spidershit making estimating hard lol, oddity of it is even with the nutrients hed need the raw materials in the bulk required to give him the mass he comes out with, unless wraith is warping bodys into his stomach and all hes doing is getting the meal necessary to begin the process, it seems like he does alot of effort going in


Goliath has the bare minimum level of fat necessary to cushion his tissues and insulate his body. He’s evolved to be as efficient as possible. I doubt he has any extra fat at all.

…I mean look at the guy.


@MaddCow Maybe Glaciopod poop is supremely dense or something? :sweat_smile:


Freakin nibbler from futurama,
Light matter crap?


Fiber One bars! Also explains the ability to have so much gas for flame breath.


Hes not evolving, just getting exceedingly pissed from constipation