Calling All Veterans!


Hey guys!

Veteran’s Day (US - Wednesday, November 11 ) is just around the corner, and we want to highlight our Evolve fans who are (or were) part of the armed service! (Any country, doesn’t have to be US!)

Please share a picture of you in uniform so we can highlight it on a special upcoming stream with lots of veterans love! (More details coming on this soon!)

Some our awesome employees even are vets themselves, so we expect them to be posting some pictures in this thread, too! :smiley: (cough-@miyagi_nosaj-cough)

To get this thread going - I’m going to post a few pictures. Although I haven’t served myself, I come from a long line of military service. I think I had family on both sides of the revolutionary war. D:

But more recently, veterans include both grandpas, my dad, uncle and brother. So here we go-

BubbieAuPair, Marines (my brother, center)

DaddieAuPair, Army (my dad, front left)

GrandpieAuPair, Army (my maternal grandpa)

(Okay - so my Grandpa isn’t an Evolve Fan. Mainly because he doesn’t video game. BUT IF HE DID, I BET HE TOTALLY WOULD BE!)

So there you go -

Now show us your pictures! And happy Veterans Day!



My great great great Grandfather was in the union in the Civil war. He was a general :slight_smile:


Hooyah Navy! MUSN Durr here.


I don’t have a picture… But my great(?) grandfather served in the second world war, sadly not with us anymore. I do however have a picture of his military medal document.
I didn’t even know it existed up until my Aunt found it on a website 2 years ago!


A viewer of mine told me that he was about to enlist in the Marines, and just so happened to be working at a Sonic I was going to pass by on a trip this last summer. I stopped by to hang out with him at dinner and he got me free chicken nuggets.

(If for some reason you can’t tell, Harville is on the left and I’m on the right).

Last I heard he’s serving two tours in Afghanistan.

I’m not sure if he’s played Evolve, but he’s definitely seen a couple of hours of gameplay from my stream. Pretty cool dude, apparently when he’s got downtime and wifi he pops by the stream and listens with his squadmates.


After telling my brother I posted his picture sans-permission (#sorrynotsorry) he sent back a picture of him and his buddies wearing their EVOLVE bracelets for the different classes back when he was in the barracks.



I’m not from the US, but i was in the British Army for 13 years and managed to survive 3 tours Iraq, 2 tours Afghanistan. This is the only picture i have handy, and is me in 2008, Garmsir area, Helmand province, Afghanistan.



My brothers in the Marines. He don’t play Evolve though… I tried to get him too.
I always wanted to join the Navy. Wouldn’t let me though. Apparently they don’t like sick people.

Thank you to those that made it in though.\

@shaw815, You look like Russel Crowe from Gladiator.


Ha, i wish! The sun must be shining at a flattering angle! Thanks for the compliment though.


I’ll have to see if I can scrounge up some pictures somewhere of myself.

I know I had at least one in my Class A’s farting around here somewhere.


We need to do it up son


I’m currently serving in the Navy right now. My mom, step father and a friend of mine all used to be in the military. My mom was in the Navy for 23 years while my friend was in for 27 years, bother retired as senior chief petty officers. My step dad retired from the Marines as a Gunnery Sergeant.


Can I have Navy cammie-colored skin for Wraith, pl0x?


This was from April 2004. United States Coast Guard. Got out in 2012.


That’s an amazing family tradition / legacy!

If you don’t mind my asking, in what Airborne or Glider unit did your grandfather serve? (pretty sure I recognize those fatigues / equipment as such)


82nd Airborne !


Me back in the day, USS Inchon, MCS-12 circa 2000


Can I tweet a photo to someone I can’t upload on this computer


@LadieAuPair and I can post it for you


I don’t have any veterans in my family … that I know of. I feel like a lame-o. :,(

Awesome pics everyone! Keep them coming!


My grandpa served in WW2
Much respect for everyone who puts their lives on the line to protect their country.