Calling all Trappers! Harpoon Vs. Harpoon gun Vs. Snare poll


Battle of the favored tethering devices! Which do you prefer? Poll below. Comment with why you made that choice!

Form extra credit let us know which trapper has the best class ability :wink:

  • Harpoon
  • Harpoon Gun
  • Flame Snare

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I really can’t choose between harpoon gun and flame snare… I think the 3 harpoons are amazing, because you can protect more, and have a route of safety to utilize. This is very good when you’re on 1-2 strikes and are the main focus. With the flame snare, it can be destroyed easily, and if you don’t have LoS because you’re being focused, you won’t know until you check or you wait 4 seconds and hear nothing (has happened often). With 3 harpoons, you can spread them around, and chances are good that at least one will survive.

The flame snare though is very powerful, especially because of the long range for the deploy, allowing you to place them better behind cover and around cover when on the chase or running around a dome. The quicker arm time can help a lot (I was trying to climb a wall to get away in BHMs. A harpoon hit me and pulled me down. Then another was planted and hit me again as I was near the top. After 3 times, I’d lost a good ~2 bars health and had to give up on that route). The fact that you only have one means you’re rotating often, and if it’s taken out by collateral damage, there’s no CC for a while longer.


Harpoon gun for me I love that thing. the snares are good but I like being able to pull out the harpoon gun and hold the monster back from my teammates or try to stop him from running.


Flame snare is just in good harmony with monster movements/abilities for the most part. If the snare hits a goliath that has just traversed then there’s a good chance that the next one you’ve just laid will stop it from leap smashing. The timings are also good on things like throwing one down before a rockthrow is done to stop the follow up attacks. It’s not as precise as a harpoon gun, but the fact it lets you pile in the damage at the same time makes it my favourite.


Flame snare is SUPER good.

The harpoon itself is long, you can fire it far away, and I think it arms (1 second?) more quickly than conventional traps - and, obviously, it does damage. With all those together, you only need the one, and get to spend more time on the gun.

It also never misses, and with its long range/firing distance, it’s almost like Griffin’s even on the chase. Especially with a Sunny.

Flame snare is best snare.


I uh

Prefer repulsers.



Harpoon gun forever! Being able to manually control the timing and positioning of the harpoons just makes them so much more effective at everything.


Flame snare = mini griffen…love it


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