Calling All Pro-Wraith Players!


Help me. I started really getting into Wraith’s playstyle now that I can play her without feeling guilty. So I’d like some tips. I’m not amazing, but I can hold my own against good teams. Any and all advice appreciated.

Wraith Tips?

Go into solo mode and learn air-juggling.

First step is launching:

  1. Abducting from beneath them -> catapult via heavy attack
  2. Abduction from above them -> angled heavy attack to the ground -> warp blast beneath them
  3. Slap them from a ledge etc

You then follow up by constantly warping below them and angling your attack upwards so they stay in the air.

This helps negating cairas heal (although slims too)

Variant 1:
Increase your meleespeed by instantly warping into the hunter after the strike connects. That pushes your dps up a notch.
Variant 2: Most second and third strikes are actually warpable that means that you you can make that meleeattack hit like a charge so to speak. The meleeattack and the traversal will happen at the same time. It not only looks cool it also connects and has a TREMENDOUS pushpower. It has been a long time but there is one meleeattack of her that really brings it to the next level. I think it was the 3rd one in the chains that starts with the uppercut. It also works on your heavyattacks just not the first one you do. You need to be in a chain so to speak.

Nail those these tips down and you can go to tourneys. Remember to put my name on your shirt :smiley:

In case you really just want “tactics”

Don’t stage up to 3, end the game at 2.

Buff priority you should get or deny
Megamouth, Cooldown, Damage/reduction.
Megamouth because your best moment is once the dome is on cooldown. This is when you wanna strike and try to make plays and retreat as soon as armor is gone. Class ability reduction cuts down on your quality time and that with quite devastating effects.
Your routes should also make sure that you aren’t leading the hunters close to it. Don’t sneak and make them follow you like good little puppies.

Evolve more aggressively. Your armor is full with a couple of meat that you can have prepared beforehand. If the hunters are really close you can actually start your evolve process while invisible with the decoy (but dont evolve THAT aggressive :D)

S1: 1 warpblast 2 decoy
S2: 3 decoy 1 abduction 2 warpblast or 3 warpblast and 2 decoy.
S3 max out decoy/warpblast and rest into supernova.

Sadly warpblast and decoy are the only skills worth investing into. Abduction range will mostly be wasted. Some people claim they can keep hitting those 100m abductions, I can’t against good people - maybe it is on me I don’t know if there is something about my abductions that makes them simply walk while theirs stand in shock.


Here’s a very small thread with some tips that seem good in it


Ugh. Guess I can be helpful, even if I’m not a Wraith player myself. Mostly just because I fought a ton of those things.

First of all, abduct all the time if you can. Stunlock is an option with that thing, you can get some pounce damage off sometimes, stuff like that.

Supernova makes you a target. If it’s no longer beneficial to stay in the cloud, don’t. Hunters that are too far will kill you.

Decoy only when you can actually mislead your targets, or when you know they won’t be able to jetpack anytime soon. It’s a powerful tool, but only when utilised correctly.

If you want to stay invisible, don’t Decoy until you broke line of sight, and even then be cautious with your movement. If they hit you, you’ll be a sitting duck for the cloak’s duration, or will have to sacrifice the Decoy.

Warp blast requires prediction. Use when you know they don’t have jetpacks or are surprised.


Actual tactics. More of the advanced stuff.


Dont take decoy. First step to winning. Then just dodge until stage three and only hit and run while dome is down. This is easy with warpblast and traversal recharge.


Secure buffs.

Let the hunters dome you where you have the advantage, preferably a place with a lot of cover or has a wildlife. Much easier letting the trapper waste a dome rather than having them on your tail the whole match with a dome ready.

Don’t bother with supernova. The first three skills have more favourable return profit.

They will buff the wraith’s traversal when in combat so hopefully, she will be an even better fighter in a dome or at least survive long enough to fight with the hunters instead of spending 70% of the game staying on her tail.

How I play wraith now.

Stage 1.

  • Wart Blast 1
  • Decoy 2

I have an extra traversal and an ability that doubles as chase denier and a wildlife farming tool which should help me get to some nice places.

Decoy is mainly used as a method of misleading hunters and a way to move around when in combat.

stage 2. time to bring on the pain.

  • Warp blast 2 or 3
  • Abduction 2 or 1
  • Decoy 2

Now at this stage I’ll find a good place to fight the hunters. Water, acid pools, DUNE BEATLES, tyrants, nomads and carnivorous plants. Usually these areas with big wildlife have really good cover.

stage 3. I really really try not to get to stage 3, unless I have to. fighting hunters at the relay can be game changing. But if you are good with abduction and you staged up fast enough that the timer won’t start. You should have enough time to move where the fight is.

  • Warp blast 3
  • Abduction 3
  • Decoy 2
  • Supernova 1 (rarely use this but whatever.)


I approve this. Using Decoy is very situational now, with how dumb the AI is.

I usually use warp blast after I stun the hunters with heavy melee and abduction. Guess this is going into my combo book.



Awwww, it’s fixed


silent and deadly. fixed.


Wow, My old poor wraith thread, never thought I’d see that again!

My suggestions for wriath have nothing to do with abilities, choices, or anything else. But playing wraith is about a whole different style of monster from every other one in the game.

ROE (Rules of Engagement):

  1. Never engage the hunters on their terms. When domed, you must either A) Down the tracker, or B) Stay hidden.
    A) Downing the tracker is usually easy. Most of them aren’t defensive. But if it’s a good team, this can be a challenge. Remember: KD means no more dome. I prefer to abduct+warp blast+melee.
    B) Wraith is not tanky, but any stretch of the imagination. NEVER stay engaged. Spend your time seeking new terrain and making the hunters burn their jet fuel. It will help when you escape the dome. Break LOS and use your decoy. They’ll recognize in seconds that it’s not you… but will then have to wonder where you went.
  2. Don’t go for kills, go for KD’s (unless there’s a Lazerous. Gotta kill him. I suggest abduction). This will make their life VERY hard later-on, and pave the way to your victory.
  3. DO NOT just flee and tier up. Part of Wraith is that you NEED them to hunt you, and weaken themselves. If you have no strikes on them by stage 3, you are at a disadvantage. Engaging them on the reactor is not a location of your choosing.
  4. When on the chase, sometimes hunters will spread out too much. Take advantage of this and set up ambushes. Pounce+sneak attack is a great and painless way to get a strike on someone.
  5. Don’t be afraid to double back! I’ve gone around in circle over and over again to break LOS&tracking. It works too!

Bear in mind: Once you’ve been sighted, many hunters have tracking darts… so break out, make speed, and give yourself a minute before switching to your sneak-mode again.

Wraith is a ton of fun these days, but rather hard to play. He’s also one of the few monsters that I think really has a chance against torvald+sunny.


3 in warp blast, and a decoy. decoy, cloak blast into them. flee. repeat.


…until you hopefully begin to notice you are running into a wall by stopping to build up pressure and providing the Hunters time to heal up and reposition while you gained absolutely nothing.
Might want reconsider that advice since the thread was not titled “How to properly farm scrubs as Wraith”.


I find I get best results by baiting a dome using decoy by or just causing them fi waste it in a bad area. That’s your time to strike you need to stay mobile pick your targets carefully you got lie armour so hit n run get a strike n don’t push your luck.

I find using decoy as a nuke works much better than a defensive tool. Good ways to do this are abduct the medic drop a decoy to keep them busy and then warp the pack. Another Good offensive use of decoy is to warp into the pack drop a decoy this usually causes them to scatter abduct one back n wail on them with decoy

I usually run 2wb 1decoy then 3wb 1ab 2decoy then if I go to 3 its 2nova Max decoy. I hardly use Nova thoug. My 2cents


screw stealth run eat evolve or get a strike, run, evolve if didnt, wreck hunters, if didnt wreck hunters run, eat, evolve, wreck hunters if didnt wreck hunters you lost simple as that.


first step in being a winner wraith player DONT USE ABDUCT…worse skill in game as a monster I NEVER EVER used that skill outside of customs EVER and im currently winning 61 games in a row…soo take it how u want… abduct=TRASH skill… again coming from winning streak take it how u want


Abduct is rather buggy. I have literally phased through hunters repeatedly and failed to abduct any of them.


I often find myself hitting with it and doing damage but not getting the actual abduct


Abduct is a little buggy, but I disagree entirely with this. Abduct is my mainstay skill.


Mind sharing some tips on hitting with it? I used to play a bit of Wraith in the early days, before people would leave at the mere sight of it. Now that I’m playing her again, I find abduct to be an extremely frustrating skill to use. I could swear it used to hit more reliably.