Calling All Players! Send me your footage!


We’ve all seen and bemoaned the terrible play that some reviewers and first-lookers have put on YouTube, so why don’t we add some of the good stuff in!

It’s been awhile since I’ve sat behind the microphone professionally, but Evolve has caught me like nothing else and made me want to pull out the mics and get fired up again. So! Let me shoutcast your stuff!

Doesn’t matter if it’s hunter or monster, let’s do it!



I like this idea a lot!

Some fan created and driven footage to share with the world at large to show them the tactical depth behind the game sounds like a great idea to me, I’m game :smiley:


I’ll just copy paste from the other thread. Here is a ton of footage.

Ok, I’ve finally finished editing and uploading all 168 games I played during the Big Alpha. I’ve condensed them into class specific playlists, as well as a playlist with our 4 man premade that we made during the weekend and a playlist for the Raw Footage if you want to hear all the commentary between matches.

I do light commentary that explains mechanics of the game, why I do what I do, strategy, and general impressions on the game. As you can see, I focused mostly on the monsters, with medic and trapper being my 2 go to hunter classes.

Raw Footage - (Note, that the first video was when the first Alpha started and the servers melted. There are only 3 games and you can hop straight to them in the description of the video)

Val (12 games) -

Laz (24 games) -

Hank (6 games) -

Bucket (3 games) -

Maggie (12 games) -

Griffin (18 games) -

Markov (9 games) -

Hyde (3 games) -

Goliath (32 games) -

Kraken (48 games) -

4 Man Premade (31 games) -

Bonus video! Here is a video where I found a huge bug or hidden developer mode. @MacMan, @DamJess, @GentlemanSquirl, @SlabOMeat you might be interested in this one in particular.
Invisible Bug! -

I hope you enjoy the videos. As always, please feel free to give constructive criticism as I’ve only been doing these kinds of videos with games for about a month.


@MaddCow Any specific classes that you liked the most?


Monsters (Both), both Trappers and Laz.


Solid. I’ll churn through some of that footage and pull out something good!


Also, if @DamJess or @Chloe haaapppened to send some footage my way to use I wouldn’t be mad at all #forumlove


Here’s a link to my YouTube channel please feel free to shout cast and any advice would be much appreciated!


If you could pick one or two out, and then PM me a download link to the raw that’d be awesome! It’ll look nicer than the Youtube Rips :smile:


There on my ps4 how would I do that?


In that case I’ll rip 'em all fancy like haha


Lol thank you sorry Im new to recording my gameplay and stuff


Aint no thang!