Calling all Coffee Addicts


This thread is for coffee addicts to come forth and express their feelings about their life on coffee and how it has affected their life. I’ll start, I began my coffee addiction at the beginning of college, it was late night and I had a paper to write… I tried staying awake I really did and I tried staying up naturally, but naturally it wasn’t working when it happened, my roommate walks in with a coffee maker and a bag of Starbucks dark roast coffee grains… My hands twitch nervously typing this as it has been hours since my last use… I remember it deep alluring aroma, I fell into its trap immediately upon the first steamy sip. My eyes popped wide open, I jumped to my desk and before I knew it my paper was done… Ever since then I’ve been addicted and coffee has ruled in my life. Share your experience here, this is a support group not judgment, all are welcome here. @MidnightMonash for the idea

Amazing new game mode

Regular coffee has become too weak for me. I always carry some beans around, crush them with the pommel of my knife and snort them like a man.


Coffee <3 I need it to function! Without it I am nothing but a walking corpse. I’m surprised I don’t bleed the stuff. I drink 10-11 cups a day. Yes I know that’s not good for health but I could go outside and get hit by a bus tommorow, who knows. xD


I myself only have coffee when I feel exhausted and need to stay up. Of course, I could spend hours talking about my obsession with cheesecake, which is like fine wine to me…


I too have started doing lines of the grinds… It even got to the point I had inserted an iv connected to a coffee machine


I was 13 when I gave in to the siren call. I became addicted when I used to wake up at 5am to go to the ice rink before school.

My mom disapproved until she realized that I was a horrible biyatch before my first cup. Then she started encouraging me to drink a second serving…

My doctor wants me to give it up. I told her to get over it…


Don’t start making me hungry now :o


Doctors, what do they know psshh! The doctor was probably an addict his/herself!


If you do bleed coffee is it possible that I could drink your blood?


I will store it in blood bags and donate some to you.


Good, I’ll need monthly donations


I started drinking coffee because of my sleep deprivation… Thanks, I know it is a bad combo. xD

I drink about 5 cups of coffee a day, but I think that’s about normal right? I don’t even have to pay for it as the coffee machines at campus are completely free of charge. :smiley:




Monthly it is! btw what system do you play evolve on?


Good! I’m on the Xbox One, Fang18 if you or anyone wants to add me!



Damn I’m on Ps4


Gonna make coffee now.


Cool! XkrSkorpion on PS4 but I don’t have evolve on it


I never had coffee before. What is it like