Calling all borderlands fans here: should i buy battleborn?


So i was in doubt wether or not buying battleborn, for me it feels kinda strange to play a moba fps, and now here comes your help that i need, vault hunters… do you think it is worth to buy battleborn? If not, what games do you suggest for me to buy?


Dude, Battleborn is absolutely great. One of the funnest games I’ve played.


bookmarked because I want to know, too

######Also, I’m a borderlands fan. Gaige and DeathTrap FTW.


If you guys want, you can message me or get this Unlisted so that I can talk about the game a lot more in depth.


I played the closed technical test, game was a blast to play, I preordered it.


Yeah it was! Rath is my favorite character out of the ones they had available.


Without a doubt yes


I loved the first Borderlands, liked the second and was looking forward to Battleborn until I played the tech test. I quickly lost interest snd now I’m into Overwatch.


When I buy it we need to play together.


Yessss . I put about 10 hours in the technical test, it was so addicting, and they have a single player mode. Buy it, if you love borderlands buy it, I was laughing so much at everything, the game is so silly yet so complex combat wise. Trying different builds and etc .


Do you keep forgetting that I can’t?


Why can’t you? Can’t run it?


No, I can run it. The issue is my internet. I know I’ve explained it at least once. Can’t play online at reasonable hours.


Yeah, forgot about that.


Good rule of thumb: buy anything Borderlands.


I say yes, I’ve been pretty hyped about battleborn for about a year now. They just announced the last two battleborn a few days ago and after debating on who I want to main, I decided immediately after el dragón was announced. :smiley: but besides that it looks great, alot of custom shit a promising looking campaign and the 5v5 multi-player looks fantastic, I believe battle born will be my first moba that I’ll own, and complete myself and for me the hype is real :smiley:


Oh yeah, damn that sucks :confused: .


Technically ya, but I really dislike how it proves all Gearbox can do nowadays is Borderlands.


I love borderlands it has to be my favorite series of all time and I really enjoyed battleborn IT’S DIFFERENT and I don’t like to compare it to borderlands cause they’re really not that similar other than they’re goofy but I’m gonna get battleborn…I wanna play the luchador :blush:


I asked the opinion of the borderlands fans not because i want to know if it looks like borderlands, but because they surely know gearbox and know if they did a great job and you can feel that battleborn is another masterpiece