"Call of Duty is BETTER than Evolve"


Happy April Fools day every body :slight_smile:



are you not an april fools day kinda person?


Nope, I don’t do holidays. :stuck_out_tongue:


you dont do hugs or hollidays, what does shin do!


Sarcasm, jokes, and trolling. ^.^

Anything that makes being negative, fun. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


like bunny rabbits being horrifying? or this troll thread ive made? :slight_smile:


I’m not scared of bunnies, I just don’t like them. ^.^

Plus, since my friend doesn’t like bunnies, I don’t like seeing them around. ^.-


I was almost upset with you @XkrSkorpion.


Troll thread is trolling ^.^
in a way meant to make you laugh!


No no I did laugh you got me thats for sure. I forgot what day it was so I did not see this coming.


indeed, no names necessary!


Lol I tried to hit it early goin by eastern standard time US


At least you brought my favorite superhero here :slight_smile:


Anti-Hero… -.-


Troll post successful ^.^


Aw @Rapterror i was trying to make this thread look legit :’(


He’s by far my favorite character in Marvel/DC.


Sorry, but I must uphold my job as a Regular, m’lady. Also, the stars at the beginning and end pretty much give it away. Try changing your title too, “Proof that Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare is better than Evolve”.


I like the fact he acknowledges he’s in comic books or games, one of the more interesting characters too