Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare multiplayer reveal


Looks like a live stream:

Advanced Warfare Thoughts

Looks silly.

Basically, it’s CoD with Titanfall Parkour mixed in with some other elements of other games. But that doesn’t surprise me from a CoD game heh.

But I’m biased, I always never liked CoD since it is usually the same crap released, every 3 months…

The commentary is horrible too


Yea, not a big fan of COD myself.



I think the game looks good and will probably be a great addition to the franchise. That being said, I don’t like CoD games. :slight_smile: I’ve never really found them to be awesome. I’ve been amused with a couple, but I’ve never gotten hooked like so many other players. To each their own I suppose.


I spit up my drink when they said if you pre order the game you get to play a day early…LOL



CoD lol


Hah, that’s funny since the place I pre-order from normally delivers games a day early anyway. xD


Over half the PC gamer article is simply saying hey, this IP is popular, you should care about it…


Nothing original as usual, but I rather be saving my pennies for Evolve instead :wink:


Another CoD? (-_-) Zzzz…


To be fair with Call of Duty, me and my buddies had a ton of fun playing Call of Duty 4, World at War and Modern Warfare 2. I haven’t gotten a Call of Duty game since then though, and neither has any of my friends that I used to play with.

It was a good game, but after MW2 (or Black Ops) they should have started with a new IP to freshen things up. Right now it is essentially the same game every year with stuff copied from other games added in. Subpar singleplayer campaign and a terrible laggy Peer to Peer multiplayer.


well, to be fair, a group of friends can have fun doing just about anything…


While I agree to an extent, when I have played a newer Call of Duty, it wasn’t fun regardless of how many friends I was playing with. The terrible hit detection, laggy play, and etc do not make for fun game design in 2012+.


They don’t even try to be original anymore. Seriously, COD has done a lot of damage to this industry. I despise it. It makes me want to throw together some stupid little game that spends most of its time plastering the screen with XP messages, giant ribbon badge things, and unlocks as dumb as sunglasses all while loading the screen with subliminal messages to buy Pepsi, Doritos, the next COD, and visit 7-11. Overrated.


Let’s do it. Judging by CoD it’ll sell stupidly well and we’ll get fat and rich off of minimal effort.


I’ve always loved CoD except for Ghosts. It’s just a classic game to play. I almost just view it as a sports game (except I hate normal sports games). Same game at the core every year, but with enough changes to make it feel new to me and want to keep playing it. And if anything, I think it helped the gaming industry because of how popular it got, especially on YouTube.


i think you just need better friends!

just kidding!


I just fell asleep watching it but to be honest I´m not a big CoD fan!


I’m renting it, just to play campaign. And that’s it. Just like last years CoD, I’ll finish campaign, play some TDM, that new mode - Uplink; and most likely send it back to Gamefly. I really doubt it will convince me to buy it. My interest level is very low.

For this year I already had my mind setup for 2 shooters. Destiny and Evolve. After playing in beta of BF4 Extended edition - BF: Hardline, I’m giving this franchise a break, at least until Battlefront. Then we will see. Since Evolve got pushed to next year, my expectations for it wen’t up.