Cairas new buffs

So have many people been playing caira since the patch?
I’m finding her really good now, I’m choosing her over papa because I just do better with the grenades and I can even atain similar healing scores plus whatever I get from heal bursts.
There’s also the 190 incap heal if anyone does go down I can revive them from a distance.
I’m also finding her amazing on the chase, speed boost with a sunny/griff and permanent lobbing napalm sees me getting decent damage ( for a medic anyway) and I’ve even had a match were I got just under 9k damage on the chase from the first stage 1 dome.
I feel all she is missing is self heal, the nades only give a small amount but I also feel like she would border op if she could sustain as single heal is great now.
Overall I think this patch was great for her, though I am shying away from monster for the time being.

Her team healing is great, but her self-sustain is pretty shit. I think a decrease on her class cooldown would do her a lot of good.


One could try using the new healing perks on her. That 20% heal sounds pretty yummy.

I’ve seen success with CDR, bucket and sunny all helping with the self sustain.
I would like her to have more though maybe higher self heal from the grenades as that would remove her ability to focus on team heal while improving her survival rate.
I feel a faster hb might go a little far as it team heals as well.

I haven’t tried this yet but as soon as I have the keys I will.
I spent all my savings on the monster version and hated it almost straight away.