Caira's Napalm Grenades - Some utility added?


I’m not sure how most of you feel about Caira’s Napalms, but I honestly feel like this thing needs some utility added to it to give some incentive to switch over to (besides decloaking Wraith).

Truthfully, increasing damage isn’t what it needs despite being pretty damn weak, and the DOT doesn’t stack with Hyde’s Flame which seems odd, further limiting it’s usefulness. I can’t think of what utility could be added to her Napalms, but I just want a good reason to switch and manage different grenade types in combat.

She’s a solid medic, just a tad boring one to play.


I just want them to be more useful as well.


This may be getting changed. With all the new DoT, it’s becoming a real damage type and someone said something about changing it so everyone with it has unique and stackable DoT. Not confirmed, but I am pretty sure someone said this.


Hopefully that passes through. I’d like to see a DOT Hunter comp.


Hyde, Wasteland Maggie, and Caira.
kill it with fire


Yeah it does.


No, it doesn’t. @The_Mastermind


From my study, the residual effect doesn’t stack, but instead replaces the existing effect.


Fire before adaptions didn’t stack. Now it is (I believe) being changed. There simply weren’t enough characters to warrant it before.


@TrickshotMcgee @Vendalra I’m 99% sure since they said on the Thursday stream that they do.

To explain it easily:

Sometimes you’re on fire.
Sometimes you’re really on fire.
And sometimes you’re extremely on fire.

@chrono can explain it better.


Nope. The adaption fire stacks (Mad Mags, Hank the Tank) with Hyde’s and Caira’s, but Hyde and Caira’s do not stack with each other. I know some stacks, but not the original two. I mean, we could just ask @LordDeath and he could tell us.


@TrickshotMcgee no need to ask he answered it in another thread.


Guess Hank’s don’t. Thanks!


Afaik, there is:
Red Fire One- Hyde, Caira
Red Fire Two- Goliath(more damage than other fires)
Blue Fire- Meteor Goliath
Wasteland Fire One- Maggie Pistol and Snare
Wasteland Fire Two- Daisy’s FT

Fires of the same type can’t stack with each other. For example, Hyde’s fire cannot stack with Caira.

This is what I know though. Not too sure about it.


I feel Lord Death may cry himself to sleep over how many times he seems to have to explain the dot stacking here!


I don’t mind the discussion whether the DOTs stack but let’s not forget about the main topic, cause I’m interested in hearing what other people think about utility added to fire grenades.


Ideal world, sky is the limit kind of thinking? They create small napalm pools that burn monsters going through them.


I like that idea.


What about the napalm grenades will leave flaming area on spot where they landed ( you know, NAPALM) for I dunno 7 seconds, and every time Monster will step into it, it will be set on fire ? Maybe the longer Monster stays in burning area, the dmg is higher ?

Still doesent solves the problem with Hyde though.

Edit : nvm, wasnt reading earlier posts and didnt realized @niaccurshi already ninja’d me .-.


I would say simply buff their direct damage anyway.

They share about the same reload speed as the Healing Grenades so it’d be silly if you were to change it, which does however seem required for some of the suggested changes in this thread.

Personally I would love a longer afterburn damage but again - then the quick fire rate and reload speed makes no sense.