Caira's Incendiary's


If you’ve seen my posts around its quite clear Caira is by far my favorite hunter, I unlocked her elite skin in Beta and was 5th in the world with her at one point, But in all this I forgot to try and find out one thing.

How Caira’s napalm grenades work. Specifically I mean do they have an initial explosion damage? and then DoT? now I know the DoT dosnt stack but my question is, is there an initial blast damage which hurts with each grenade explosion?

Basically I’m trying to work out if its worth it to keep shooting napalm at the monster and expand your napalm mag before switching to healing, yes the DoT wont stack but if there is and explosion damage you can keep damaging with that, Obviously this is only in a situation where no one needs healing and you have the chance to expand you napalm before changing. Im pretty sure the is an initial explosion damage but I just want to check.

Im kind of annoyed I don’t already know this XD

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IIRC she had a six second DOT akin to Hyde and the Goliath. I’m honestly not sure about the initial burst…

Edit: Caira is also my favorite Hunter. :monster:


Spam it to be sure.That’s how its done :slight_smile:


Yea its something along those lines for the DoT but when playing the game I never REALLY paid attention to if my initial grenade splosion did any damage because it was too hectic to try and notice XD

and yes - Caira FTW


Caira napalm has two sources of damage.

Impact damage
Aoe damage

Impact damage deals a considerable amount of insta damage on impact.
Aoe damage is appliable via burning damage.

Burning damage will deal late damage every x seconds time interval. Every time you hit the monster the aoe timer will reset.

Being said that, use it as efficiently as you can. If you have heal nades on reload It’s wise to switch to nalpam and at least mark the monster with burn effect.


Oh dont worry I get the switching bit XD I was just unsure about the initial blast damage thanks for clearing it up.



You either want to run capacity perk or reload perk

Capacity will increase the number of nades per magazine (better for heals sustains) and reload speed will allow you to cycle faster, allowing you for a more mixed defensive/offensive style.


So i was correct.I’m so good at this game.


Maddcow posted a wraith video earlier with a Caira that shot him (wraith) a few times. Initial damage is 1/8 of the armour bar, DoT is 3/8 of the armour bar IIRC. All adds up to 1/2 armour bar damage.


I think it won’t be stacked but extended. :slight_smile:


yep, I ran either of those in Beta.


As another Caira main here who played with a lot of Top 15 players, I occasionally went with switching speed if we really wanted to be aggressive. It allows for quick mag-dumping with the healing grenades; switching to lay down some damage and get healing again. Usually within a few seconds too if you have vision. Very fun for early aggression, though the more sustainable route is definitely Reload speed. Being able to constantly throw out heals and Heal Burst in the short amount of time you’re reloading allows for a constant significant stream of healing.


I know it’s been responded to already… But oh yea baby… she did initial blast damage lol. Dropped a monster or two with the grenades at the end with a speed burst on a fleeing monster lol. It takes a decent chunk (for a medic).


I’m pretty sure the reload speed perk does not affect class abilities (which her heal burst is). I tested and reload speed doesn’t even speed up Laz’s invisilibity cooldown, which is not his class ability, so by all reasoning it should be the same for the heal burst.

Edit: Just tested and it affects the class ability too, according to the post below, Laz’s invisiblity is glitched and isn’t affected by the reload speed perk.

You’re mixing up there mate. What allows you to cycle faster is the item switch perk, not reload speed.


Reload speed will affect all 4 abilities when it’s patched. It’s just broken ATM.


Right now I know it doesn’t but that’s not what I meant. I meant Bursting while you’re reloading. You’ll never have someone take so much focus that you’ll need to magdump thrice and burst twice within one burst phase from the Monster. This way, you’ll have constant healing without interruptions as the Monster is bursting, nullifying it.


What do you mean by “burst phase” and “bursting” from the monster?


Certain Monster players at high level can pull off insanely high damage bursts. Example of this would be Kraken going Banshee - Pounce - Pounce cancel - Heavy Attack - Vortex. This could instantly kill a Hunter, but it difficult to do. At that you as Medic need to burst heal to counter this and keep them up.


Actually no, I keep what I said there. If you have higher reload speed, it will take less time to reload the nades in the background, while your firing napalm or vice-versa. Therefore allowing you for a mixed defensive/offensive style.


Actually no. The switching takes longer than it would take you to reload, thus losing both damage and heal output compared to if you’d stick to just one and switch when the opportunity arises.