Caira's Healing

her hps is higher then any other medic and she is the only medic who can heal herself and heal burst…is this being looked into?

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All medics have Heal Burst.


That’s Caria’s advantage. Val’s advantage is her Tranq, she can slow the monster, and make them visible through walls. Laz resurrects people with no strikes.


is her hps being looked at by the devs is what im wandering, she is clearly the best medic choice for her hps reasons

Of course not. Her H/S is kind of her thing. Take that away and what does she have left? As a Main Medic player, I can tell you Caira is the only Medic in a good spot right now; the only one who actually stands a chance vs a good Monster. Both Val and Laz need a buff.


and i can tell you as a monster player caira is the only group format you have right now… is that a problem i would think so.

Lookie here boys. I sought ought to prove just how quickly she can get herself back on top from an elite lightning blast.

Ooooo so you just like to damage 'em beyond belief then watch as they heal themselves right back up? Sounds kinky…


I was just testing to see how quickly she gains full health.

there are 2 other monsters…kraken is the response to caira teams but i believe kraken is getting nerfed…

Joking aside, once you’ve blown them to bits with the lightning, continue on the pain train. This gives her two options, fend for her self or die while trying to heal the others who are damaged. Bonus points for damaging multiple hunters at once. Right now Kraken is all about crowd control, with moves designed to hit all targets, having one medic using a heal designed for groups does nothing.

If anything they have talked about buffing Kraken…

what i saw in the patch notes were mostly monster adjustments with no hunter changes, unless i saw something different.

no caira is fine

she is how a MEDIC is suppost to be

shes getting overused because shes the ONLY VIABLE medic right now after the val buff i see a lot more ppl going for val /beamteam

iam sorry to say it like that but stop crying about caira just because she isnt freeloot like val/lazerus those 2 need srs buffs


Link? the 1.1 notes were progression balance changes. I haven’t seen an actual balance patch notes.

Oh my, she can heal the damage up done by 1 ability! So OP guys! No seriously, if you’re unable to deal more damage to her in 5 seconds of her continuously healing herself (which means the healing on her team is reduced severely) then I’m afraid you’re the problem, not Caira.

But in general, I feel Caira right now is the only Medic who’s in a good spot. She’s easy enough to deal with for Monsters still without being a liability to her team; so as much as I dislike to say it, this is more of a case of “Git gud”


i asked if her hps was being looked into being currently the highest…

no thats how its suppost to be caira is THE medic

laz is something … idk what xD

and val is a mix between medic/support

while caira is the “pure medic” (yes she got a speedboost ) and thats why hear hp’s should always be the highest

and they already said that in theire eyes caira is more then fine (her winrate is acceptable)

I play Medics. I don’t overly like playing as Monsters, so I don’t have that perspective.
That said, her Healing per shot is high.
I don’t think it’s too high, but if you hit more than one person with a Healnade then your Heal Total will naturally spike.
I play Monster Hunter and use Bows heavily, so I’m very used to a ballistic arc.
There is skill involved in her aiming, but if you’re up against a good Caira I can see how it’d be tough.
Try to take advantage of her issues with Vertical aiming.
She’s not great versus Kraken because of her lack of a straight firing weapon.
If she has to heal herself, she has to be close to a wall or aim Downward, making her have to look back up to heal others unless they’re clumped.
Her Weapon/Healing is generally better when aiming Down than Up, so if you can throw her off a ledge her aim will suffer for a bit.

I have a feeling they are going to nerf her so hard that she will no longer be an option to play anymore.

Really kind of dumb since all medics are weak right now, they have zero survivability when getting focused.