Caira's Healing Still needs to be nerfed? wow


So I’m an experienced monster player and I versed this tournament team. I would survive a lot longer and even win when they didn’t choose Caira. Stage 2 is supposed to be a fair fight right? Well not with an experienced Caira! Her healing is so strong, I’d land every single leap smash and rock throw on the hank and he’d never be a little lower than half his health. “Caira’s not OP. You just suck.” Oh really? So I conducted a test to see how Val matches up with Caira. Val has a fair healing rate and it’s still possible to kill a single target while getting healed at stage two. Of course it takes longer than without heals, but it’s not ridiculous. So why is it that when I land a lvl 2 rock throw, a lvl 2 leap smash, and a lvl 2 fire breath against a Caira healing, the hank doesn’t die? (and this is without regarding perks playing in like health regen, damage reduction, etc) This game’s balancing is only winable as a Skilled monster verse pubs but when you put a skilled monster verses an actual skilled team with a Caira Hank combo, there’s no real chance. Great balancing right there.



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Caira is the more healer type of the medics. she is fine. After all, u are fighting a pre made team that are coordination


I have annoyed many monster players with the sheer healing output Caira has. I am undecided if it is OP because the baseline to compare it with, Val, is a bit underpowered. But yes, with certain team compositions, I feel a stage 2 fight is not equal and I feel I need to catch somebody out to push the fight in my favour ( as the monster ).


Caira’s heals are STRONG! But, I don’t have an experience opinion in the matter as I have never fought against an experienced pre-made team. However, I don’t think it is too strong. Its easier said than done but you have to separate someone (best if Caira) from the rest of the group and thats where Caira becomes ineffective. It is impossible for Caira to keep steady heals on the rest of the team when she is focused on reviving. (Pretty sure you know this already if you’re playing pre-made teams.)


She’s not that strong, but fudge is it tough when Hank is in the game.


Caira heals are ok, it really just depends on 1) jukes and/or 2) hank




I’ll just say that the win rate of level 40 Hunters goes up to around 55% (it’s pretty much under 50% vs. Monsters until 40) and a premade team has an edge.

We’ve had plenty of threads about how to fight the Hank & Caira combo. You gotta focus Hank first or you’re only gonna do a little bit of damage before they’re shielded & healed. Caira also can’t heal herself nearly as fast as she can heal everyone else, which is by design. Your best hope is to separate Hank from the group to take him down, then switch to Caira. It’s not gonna work out every single time.


Ya they are strong and I have played a team with her and hank and its usually an intense game, with some crazy heals going on but not sure if they are OP or not though, I do know however think that it can be annoying, she’s also the hardest medic to kill because of the self healing so that makes getting a good ciara down even harder


I just don’t believe in “OP”. It would be condescending to think that players can see balance issues that the developers and testers can’t.
Caira is an annoyance for a monster player, that’s for sure. But now so is Val.


It’s actually quite common. Think about 100 devs/testers vs tens of thousands of players. There is a chance that at some point, a smart player that remains unbiased enough can spot an overlooked issue and provide a decent starting point for a fix.

Devs can also biased, often by being “too nice” and overlooking some of the most unsporting gaming habits. They DO have access to metrics, but that’s only a part of the puzzle.


Well there’s statistically a chance fot that to happen, but it’s not as often as threads in this forum would make you think. Otherwise things would need to be patched daily, back and forth.


Oh god no, please don’t listen to every idiot coming here to whine about this and that. I’ll be the first to admit that most nerf/buff posts are badly thought and should be politely ignored, but once in a while, something smart is posted.


In order to beat a Caira you need maximum burst damage, Fire Breath is extremely lacking and ineffective against any team with Caira. I find that a Lvl 3 rock, lvl 1 leap, lvl 1 charge, and lvl 1 fire breath is enough to outdamage her, just takes a bit of stringing. Leap into em, fire breath, charge out of sight, then when theyre 50% health (which they will be) that rock throw DEMOLISHES them.
Shes not too bad, id rather face a healy mc heal than Val, Tranqs are soooooo annoying


when one rock throw cant get hank under 50% then ure not hitting him directly or ure not running 3x rock throw

u need atleast ure burst skill on max

and the easiest way is to count her nades and burst hank when she only got like 2 nades in her mag left


Lvl 2 skills have bad scaling (only 9% more damage than the lvl 1 skill), and you picked 3 of them. You need a lvl 3 ability at stage 2. Against caira + hank, I take 3 rock, 2 leap, 1 flame, and try to fight in an area that forces them to break line of sight often, or I break their line of sight by pushing/knocking back whoever I focus further away from the other hunters. You can also initiate the fight with an ambush rock throw/leap smash, forcing the support/medic to pop the cloak / burst heal early, and for only 1 target, assuming you didn’t already kill them in 3 seconds with the leap smash rock throw combo. Flamebreath any lvl other than 3, is useless vs Caira’s healing, Even at lvl 3, it’s still not that good if caira has her healing grenades out. I do max flamebreath occassionally at stage 3, if the enemy has a lot of tech, or medics other than caira.


Dude take three point abilities against Caira, the only thing she has going for her is heals dont take that from her.



From what I’ve played as Goliath (which is many, many games) I always start off with 2 in fire breath and 1 in charge and when I get to stage 2 I put 2 in rock throw and 1 more in fire. I use charge to close the distance and rock throw and fire to pick off fleeing hunters and at stage 2 I usually outplay even great Caira/Hank teams.