Caira's Healing Grenades Vs. Slim's Advanced Healing Burst


Who is better when the AoE healing is needed.
Please debate responsibly please.

Caira vs Slim

I think Slim is better since he can hit everyone around him and he doesn’t have to aim at all, but if you’re in a cave where everyone is rolling around on top of each other, then I’d say Caira, cuz she’ll heal everyone up real nicr


Consistently? Caira.

In combat? Slim. His gun is dependent upon a nearby target, even if it is wildlife.


Focus slim with melees, messing up with his healing rate and he is useless. Focus Caira and she would still survive shooting healing grenades at her feet AND at the same time heal her team.


Just as a side note they both can self heal real fast. @Buckets_Sentry_Gun the closer you are to Slim the more damage and recharge he gets.


Well, I don’t really see that, I just keep hitting him interrupting his shooting, pretty easy.


True. But with some help from Hyde’s gas or Markov’s mines… kinda risking a bit of health. Even as a full Behemoth.


melee caira and she isnt healing at all. shooting at the feet barely heals anything.


Slim can keep everyone healthy pretty well, but I have personally found that he can’t really help a specific hunter when they are constantly targeted or they were already at half health by the time you can get to engage the monster. For one, the Slim needs to have pretty good accuracy to constantly heal. He misses 3 shots and he can only get 1 or 2 bursts in that magazine (not using capacity). Monsters like Wraith and Kraken don’t make getting those shots very easy and the leech energy (I guess that’s what it’s called) takes longer to get to you the further away you are from the target so against Sky Wraith and Kraken it takes a bit longer to refill your burst even if you are hitting shots.

Caira is the only true medic in the sense that she doesn’t do hardly any damage and her healing is the best. She can self heal better than all the other medics including slims healing burst simply because healing herself is pretty guaranteed. Slim needs to constantly shoot other things to get his burst back while Caira just needs to and run, jump, shoot the ground, and repeat or climb a cliff while shooting the wall.

My vote is on Caira because I will always believe that she will out heal all other medics while at the same time not doing much damage herself.

She is a true medic while Slim is a battle medic, she better out heal him even if Slim can heal burst at his fastest pace