Caira Weapon change


So they are doing something with Caira’s gun and I have no idea what it means for her and how it will change. Can someone please clarify!


I don’t know of any changes to her except her HB is being changed to 30, and si is every medics HB. Where did you hear about the changes, or at least the leak that they are changing it?


“ability to queue shots added to both grenade launchers” its in the micro patch notes


This is just changing how you’re able to shoot her grenade launcher.


Ive read that example and it still didn’t make any sense, sorry lol From that, it seems like they are increasing the fire rate.

Or is it somehow an automatic?


If you press the button during the delay between shots it will fire the next shot when the delay has passed, which means it’s not automatic, but theres no chance of pressing the button twice but only shooting one grenade. If I understand correctly


Not automatic. It means you can hold the trigger down after a shot, and it’ll shoot the next as soon as it’s ready, but you have to let it go to let it shoot again. It’s supposed to keep people from having to spam the trigger/button when playing her.


Oh okay! Thats awesome, I always felt that her fire rate was really odd and hard to get and it seems like this will fix that! Thanks everyone! :slight_smile: This forum could be be closed now.


So like Slim or Parnell’s shotgun and not like Abe or Torvald.


No. Those are fully automatic. You’d still have to release the trigger for Caira, but it would make it so you no longer have to spam the button to fire at maximum rate. It should up firing consistency without sacrificing aim or control.


oh thats weird. i dont like it


You don’t have to use it. It’ll still function like normal. It’s just for people that don’t like spamming buttons.