Caira thread - too much burst healing


yesterday i was playing with a caira team that was fairly good. our win/loss was about balanced through the matches i played. i decided to run a few tests with kraken (fastest burst damage) to see the results from a few stage 1 engagements.

scenario example)

banshee mines 1, vortex 2.

ran around spawn eating and ambushed the hunters after they ran in a circle or two. killed trapper outright.

focused medic, couldn’t out-attack caira’s burst heal at stage 1. she went down after i was on med-low health.

focused support. killed him and pounced assault.


the only way i was reliably winning was by sneaking the entire game and evolving to stage 2 before i did anything. i’m aware that the monster is at a disadvantage stage 1, but it’s the same disadvantage the hunters are at when it goes stage 3. this should mean it’s possible to beat them without a mistake. the only way i can out-attack caira is to phyisically split the group up.

the reason i was testing stage 1 deliberately is that caira’s speed boost combined with soundwhoring means the monster can never evolve unless he does it within about a minute of the dropship first coming.

the reason caira is annoying is that the official dev response was that you really needed TWO level 3 abilities (IE you can’t really take her down before that) to take her on and/or traversal perk.


Yep. The anti-Caira strat is don’t fight at stage one. You definitely have to get lucky with birds to win Kraken v Caira.


that’s really some strat. but shouldn’t the monster be able to do something about this by fighting rather than “just running away all the time”? with a good abe/griffin and caira there’s not much i can do. i usually dome a monster before he gets stage 2 now. i turn my sound up, listen and predict where they’re going. no escape on half of the maps.

honestly caira would be fine if the maps were all nicely sized like dam.

75% jetpack charge and caira is just too good. what’s even worse is all that with the +400% jump height elite animal. no escape for the monster now.


I do think Caira needs a slight nerf, and Abe is really strong against Kraken. I am not sure how to fix that one, Gentleman Squirrel was thinking they should reduce the amount it slows you horizontally while still pulling you down out of the air, but honestly I think Kraken’s traversal needs a buff. He’s just too slow to escape, and Abe multiplies that by 3.


all of that said about abe and caira though, there is a hunter that needs a buff imho.

griffin needs a small change making it harder to detect his spikes (must be within 15m or something)

and also so that his spikes detect a sneaking monster if it gets within 10m.


A level 1 monster can rarely outdamage any healer, unless you’ve gone with 3 points in one of the abilities.


laz and val can’t spam grenades at the floor to heal themselves as well as everyone else as well as the burst healing.

caira is easily 3x val

i’m talking about specificly targeting the medic.

you hit val with an ability, she pops burst heal, you attack her again, she takes damage.

you hit caira with an ability, she pops burst heal, then you hit her with an ability, then she shoots a grenade at the floor,then you hit her with an ability, then she shoots a grenade at the floor,then you hit her with an ability, then she shoots a grenade at the floor,then you hit her with an ability, then she shoots a grenade at the floor, then she burst heals. if she couldn’t heal herself or had a min-range or needed to airburst the grenades rather than shoot at a random wall it’d be okay, but she gets 4 heals before a reload afaik, and by the time she’s reloading she already has burst heal charged.

also she can pretty much instantly revive a downed teammate with the same thing.


Val needs a buff, that doesn’t mean Caira is broken. A level one monster should never engage in high level play. If the team knows how to position in fights every medic (except Lazarus) can outheal the damage a level one monster does.


it’s the last thing they’d expect. that’s why it’s the first thing i like to do. doesn’t always end badly either.


That might work in pug games, but a high level premade team, will never fall for level one monster ambush.