Caira, Sunny, Maggie and Markov/Hyde. What are their weaknesses and how can I exploit them without getting steamrolled?


Just looking into some tips that anyone might have against this annoying comp?

They are really gud and unkillable (at least for me) if they are pillar humping.

Any monster but mostly goliath, even kraken might have issues as some of the acid maps have pillars with catwalks on top of them. Making it so kraken cannot fly around and hit the hunter.


Which monster? I would imagine you would find them the most difficult to deal with as Behemoth and Goliath.


Wall humpers are no fun. As the basic tips say, there are good and bad places to fight for each side. Once you start getting comfortable with an area that is mostly flat and open, try to get them to dome you there.

It’s also a big morale boost when you know they domed themselves in with you, rather than the other way around.


Can someone explain to me what wall humpers are? I haven’t heard this term yet.


People who find a cliff then traverse up and down it in attempts to kite the monster around. Tends to be useful against Behemoths and Goliaths. Makes it much more difficult for Behemoths to melee targets around and usually means that the Behemoth has to use his abilities to prevent the hunters from doing this. Goliath has an easier time dealing with it with his ability to use his traversal vertically and his ranged abilities are perhaps better suited to dealing with it but he can still have problems.


ohh ok yeah that makes sense lol i just didn’t know that was the term for it.


I don’t use that term to describe it and I don’t think the term is in common use. Just using context clues to determine meaning.


Yeah I just had a match where I knocked sunny into a corner with a flame breath then rock throw she had ~10% health and caira somehow managed to keep her alive while I was meleeing her I don’t even understand how that is possible. No heal burst caira just kept her up with healing grenades. She out healed me at stage 3 it was ridiculous.


Yeah my head went a different direction that was too focused on sunny. I figured it meant that if a hunter was going to neutral boost straight up in the air to avoid the monster, they would do so right next to a wall so caira could still heal them while they are in flight.


Any monster but mostly goliath, even kraken might have issues as some of the acid maps have pillars with catwalks on top of them. Making it so kraken cannot fly around and hit the hunter.


Massive single target DPS. Put pressure on sunny so she cant boost or place sheild drones. Then go for assault to bait his personal sheild, then go immediately for caira. It’s a tough comp, but it lacks reliable single target coverIng


Those are cliff queffers, I accidentally wrote wall instead of pillars which is what I meant.


edit fixed typo: from “wall humping” to “pillar humping”


Caira/Sunny, if they’re good, make it impossible to down anyone in combat unless you’re stage three and in a favorable area. Which, if they’re good, won’t happen. So I would stay superstealth to three and then try and get lucky with your engage, but Maggie and Carrion Birds blow that out of the water. So…Wing it? :stuck_out_tongue:


It depend which monster you are.
As Goliath you won’t have a too difficult game, as long as they don’t spot you before you evolve, but Maggie is pretty much a free Evolve unless you are cut off. Have a single point in flame breath to trick the shield drone to switch target every time you use an ability. The short cooldown will ensure you always have flame breath ready when you get Rock Throw/Leap smash ready. Don’t use basic melee attacks. Keep your finger off M1 if possible. Against Caira you can forget melee attacks, because Caira outheal those and if you attack your target the shield beam will switch to them.

Against pillar humpers just use Rock Throw or leap attack to send them flying. If you manage to follow up with a Leap Smash as they land, they will be unable to dodge it and the medic will most likely not get time to react, which could lead to a near insta-kill.

Personally I would take Caira and Sunny over Caira and Hank every day.


At the level I’m playing I’d rather take a great Hank than a good Sunny, at least then has a workaround. But these are cool tips. Will try them out later. Will banshee mines for kraken work the same way?


Possibly, but I don’t play much Kraken.
But they will mess with Caira, just make sure you don’t spend all of them at once so they don’t knock eatch other away.

Another tip is that Vortex’ing someone from underneath is a good way to test how high the dome is.
Your Vortex might come off cooldown or atleast close to by the time they land.
Neither can they use their jetpack.


Distance yourself between Hyde and Markov, use objects and pillars and rocks to lose line of sight of them