Caira + Sunny + Griffin/Maggie = triple spam team


I was playing in arena as a Meteor Goliath and then, the nightmare team was revealed…Caira, Sunny, Maggie and Torvald.

First match: It was more than a bodycamping, I knocked out Maggie but Caira was spamming the grenade launcher (health) on Maggie while Sunny was spamming the drone to protect Caira and Torvald.
Each time, I use an ability on Maggie, then on Caira, then on Maggie, then on Torvald, then on Maggie, then on Sunny and her drone, then on Maggie etc…it was impossible to prevent them from saving Maggie.
Then Maggie was saved and it was the only one who was down, and then I died.

Seconds match: The fight was better, but I still have lost.
This time, I use the firebreath while Sunny was preparing her drone, she gets damages and her drone is destroyed, it happened multiple times and it made her a bit useless in the fight for a moment until Maggie spams her traps. Then I knock out Sunny, Caira is still spamming the grenade launcher to save her, but it was still hard because the fire breath couldn’t hit the drone because it was on a high platform 10 meters near me, Sunny is saved but Caira is down this time, I knock out Maggie but Torvald activate his shield at the moment his health was low and then he kill me.

In short: I lost the entire game without a win, but I was able to knock out a few ammount of hunters, then two of the four players left the game because they win…I was humiliated, and I hated it.

What should we do this time if we fight against a team of Caira + Sunny + Griffin/Maggie? And this time I will not talk about buff/debuff suggestions.


Focus should be on Trapper at first, then shift to Support; if Support cloaks, move on to the Medic.

Regardless Sunny/Caira is a terrible pairing, because Caira can’t heal targets that are in the air :laughing:


now how about sheild drone


Yeah, but they aren’t always in the air, that’s the problem!


Shield drone is annoying, but if you spread out points and focus Trapper, then Support… Means no shield while Support is getting focused, and then trying to hide in cloak.

Worst case you break through the shield with weaker abilities and melee, and then your most powerful attacks :slight_smile:


Sounds like any other comp. Focus sunny down, widdle the rest.


There’s your problem. Use OG.


Drone, then bounce between Sunny and Caira depending how they use cloak or healburst/speed.

Remember you can bodyblock grenades.


Try and isolate sunny. If she’s cornered then keep her there. Her drone will soon deplete and Caira can’t out heal. If sunny cloaks, use firebreath to find her, or use it when she’s low on hp.


Honestly Caira and sunny is a terrible comp. If they fly up with Sunny, they arent going to get healed at all…


I can do a decent job healing players in air. I’ve been playing Caira since release, and I’ve got my highest WLR with her. 3:2 is good?


But… you literally cant heal people in the air, unless you have a healing burst, but that requires you to be in the air with them also.


OG? Do you mean Bob the Behemoth?


No, Original Goliath. He has a higher burst damage than Meteor Goliath. A good thing I noticed is to use your melee attacks more often and only use your abilities when you know they will land a hit. What I mean with this is that nothing is worse than wasting abilities and as a result time.

And like the rest said, focus sunny first, then the rest. I play Caira and honestly she is easier destroyed in Arena than Rogue Val (god I hate her)


I try to focus her but she is healed and shielded, if the drone is destroyed she cloaks and because I’m too close from her, I lose her track even with the fire breath and then she goes on a platform with the god damn dead angle.
When they see that they are my target while they are on a platform, they fall from it and they go back on top of it.
I’m glad anyway to know that in the next patch the devs are gonna tweak the aerial attacks to give more control.
I took the Meteor Goliath because he do more damages with the DoTs from the abilities, yes he has less health but he do DoTs.
And by burst damages, you mean the “Leap smash” and the “Charge” or all the abilities except the “Fire breath”?


This^ I am also very excited and happy about.
As for burst damage I mean that all of OG abilities have a higher base damage, therefore OG will be faster to combokill someone than Meteor Goliath whose abilities have lower base damage but all of them do DoT

Also check out this guide for exact damage numbers for each Hunter/Monster:


Actually, MG has more health + Armor.


Thanks for the link, I pined it under the research bar in case I want to know something. That would help.
I saw the base damage for the OG and the MG, the OG effectively have more base damages.
But if by luck I chose MG and see a Lazarus in the oposite team, Lazarus is fucked up, if not I’m probably fucked up.


Ho, I thought that MG had 5 health bar and OG had 6 health bar, both in stage 1. I might have been wrong.


Like @Torvald_Stavig and others said, that comp is actually shit. It’s funny because during a custom yesterday, that’s exactly what we ran haha. The biggest imbalance in that though, is Sunny and Caira just don’t work well together for the simple fact that Caira almost always needs her team to be on the ground or near a surface to heal them without her burst and with Sunny everyone is just zipping around.