Caira Strategy, Tips, and Advice Thread


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Stage 2: Caira Strategy, Tips and Advice

This topic has a hypotheses: Shear is f***ed. SPEED BOOST!


Spam health grenades, boost the team when chasing the monster, use healing burst when someone is dropping low, and ignite the monster when everyone is healed up. Did I miss anything? o.O


Press the right trigger while aiming in the general direction of your teammates. Also, run fast whenever you need to run fast.

  • Unlike the Medgun, Caira’s Healing Grenades have a limited ability to penetrate terrain much like the Healing Burst. The radius of the grenade’s detonation extends beyond the reach of walls, rock-faces, etc., so just because you don’t have an immediate line-of-sight on your healing target doesn’t mean you should stop firing at them - the splash effect can still help them if they are close enough to it. This is particularly useful against Behemoth when it relies on its’ Rock Wall to try to separate a team-mate from your aid.

  • Acceleration Field benefits climb-speed as well; something to remember when trying to frustrate a Monster’s focus by ascending and descending heights repeatedly.

  • Useful perk choices for Caira include Reload Speed and Capacity, which affect the Grenade Launcher and thus both increase healing output, and Jump Height, effective for all medics in evading Monster focus.

[Edit: As of the 3.0 Arena Mode update the Reload Speed perk also affects Acceleration Field, increasing its’ value to Caira further.]


So, one tiny question. This Caira “Bunnyhopping” strat (a name which I abhor with the fury of a thousand dying suns), what kind of rhythm do you use? Right now I go jump-shoot-shoot-jump, even though the second grenade slows me down. So is it worth waiting, jumping, and then firing? You sacrifice a bit of healing for a bit of speed by doing that, so it’d be jump-shoot-jump-shoot. I’m not entirely sure which one is better right now. o.o

Also Inb4 Moiser comments in sixty nine seconds, calling it.


It really depends on if you’re getting focused or not. Not getting slowed down at all really helps when kiting around stuff. But when someone is getting focused it’s better to just sometimes stop bunnyhopping and get as many heals out as possible.

It wasn’t sixty nine seconds, more like 15 minutes :s


Alright, thanks. :slight_smile:

Also I meant sixty nine seconds to write your reply, not the time you take from my posting to respond to it. :smiley:


Ehh not sure how long if took me to write the reply, probably somewhere around 1 minute. So pretty close then I guess :stuck_out_tongue:


And finally, one last question (I’msorrypleasedon’thateme): Is running Capacity a handicap compared to Reload? I know Reload affects the AF and HB as well as healing but I like the burst from Cap increase, it also improves the reliable self heals as opposed to the burst which I don’t like relying on.


Yeah, i run cap, i always wondered if anythings better.


I like both reload and capacity a lot, really depends on what I feel like taking and how I feel like playing. Capacity is better to keep teammates like Hank alive, reload is better for Caira herself. With capacity you more often than not find a spot high up with line of sight on everyone to shoot healing grenades from above, sometimes you get down for a healing burst, with reload you don’t do that, you’re a lot closer than you are with capacity, you have more healing burst so you’re supposed to be closer and make them all count. Missing nades is also more forgiving with reload since you get them back a lot quicker than you do with capacity.

At the end of the day it’s kind of just preference, I like both capacity and reload and switch between them.


Alright. Thank you for your time, I appreciate it. ^.^


No problem. Always happy to help people out with Caira :smile:


This may seem random, but does anyone know the overall damage of a single napalm grenade including the burn effect?


45 direct damage+ 35 burn damage= 80 damage in total ^^
Dat thread rez though


Thank you :slight_smile:


Caira HYPE


Fuck yeah Caira.
The only Hunter who can consistently say “fuck your rock wall” and keep healing the trapped Hunter through the wall.

Well I guess Slim can too, if he’s lucky enough to find an Armadon or something on his side.


Yay Caira ftw <3 :smile: