Caira Strategies?


So I preordered the game and played the beta, so I’ve played a few matches with Caira. Certainly not enough to be a master of her playstyle, however.

She seems to be a very aggresive medic, that much I can figure out, with the acceleration field speeding up the hunt and the napalm launcher being a more close-range source of damage than the snipers.

However, during the games I played, if we were facing a good monster, I simply could not get enough healing out to save my teammates from going down. This, of course, could be completely my own error or my inaccuracy with the grenades, but the reload of her launcher just seems too long to get constant healing.

I am aware of the strategy of hitting with the napalm, then switching and healing, then switching again, but while I’m dealing damage my teammates are dying.

Any tips or strategies?


My main is Caira. Don’t stop healing. Simply put, find a high rock or a vantage point and keep those grenades raining down. Choose either increased clip capacity or faster reload speed as your perk. Caira can outheal a stage one Goliath so she’s extremely powerful if used correctly. You’re not a damage dealer, that’s the Assault job. If you can hit a few shots off with napalm because your team are at full health then great but keep your team alive at all costs. Don’t be afraid to swoop in with a burst heal either, just make sure the Monster doesn’t focus on you because you’re a high priority target. As soon as you get out of the dropship use the speed boost straight away. Same with a dome, once it drops speed your teammates up. When hunting the monster stay near the back of the group because when you use your speed boost you can pick up your straggling teammates on the way. Anyone in a certain radius to Caira will be sped up. Good luck and Happy Hunting :wink:


cairas healing is so strong ive only played val and the difference is like day n night like op said get a good spot somewhere high and when infight use the speed boost if ure getting focused caira can almost outheal an stage 2 goliath without much problems.

oh and the dev strategy for caira on sacriels stream was

“shot the ground”


@MedicAndy Thats a good idea. Currently i only have reload speed one starred, so it might be a little hard, but hopefully it will get easier. Thanks for the tips!

@Optik_rec0rds Haha i actually first thought that val healed more than caira… Maybe i just need to get better at aiming :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks!