Caira Speed Buff VFX



So, here’s something I noticed after playing/with Caira. Her speed buff vfx (visual effects) at some point in the map/s will create an overexposed (overly bright) effects. At some part of the map, that’s okay, since some places are dark. But when it’s not, sometimes we can’t even see our crosshair thanks to that.

It’s quite annoying when that happens while you’re using Trapper such as Abe or Griffin. It made it slightly difficult to aim the dart/hook properly. Not sure if that was intended as a flaw for the speed buff, but if not, maybe something can be done on the next patch? It’s my bad if I get this wrong though.


Could you post some screenshots of the locations with the minimap visible? Thanks


Pretty much on all of Distillery.


Hmm… I’'m not getting the same results. What graphics card do you have and what are your graphic settings?


With my current graphics card and settings I don’t have these troubles. My old graphics card was the GTX970, I had medium settings.

The screenshot is from @WarDoom’s twitch ( You’d have to ask him.


I’m using Nvidia GTX 770 and on medium setting. No screenshot right now, sadly. Might take it after I update though. Also when Caira is available in rotation since I don’t have her. :confused: